6 ways to use old roller blinds

How to reuse and recycle old roller blinds

Roller blinds are a household item that you use each day to darken rooms, add privacy or filter the sunlight. Exposed constantly to the harsh Australian sunlight, it's only natural that roller blinds will slowly deteriorate over a long period of time, particularly if they are not of good quality.

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When you replace your old roller blinds with a newer, more effective window treatment, your old roller blinds may not need to go to hard rubbish. There are lots of ways you can up-cycle or recycle unwanted roller blinds.

Here are some ways you can give old roller blinds a second life.

1. Give away blinds that are in good condition

If your old roller blinds are still useable and you are upgrading to achieve a particular look, someone else may benefit from your unwanted blinds.

Research nearby charitable organisations, op shops or housing providers to find out where old binds are accepted. A trip to the op shop could also be an opportunity to clear out any other items you aren't using.

You may already know someone who could use the blinds. Be sure to remove the old blinds and transport them carefully to the new location.

2. Start a craft project

Roller blinds come in a variety of versatile fabrics that are suitable for other purposes. Depending on the fabric type, you can use old roller blind fabric in many craft applications. The only limit is your imagination!

If you aren't crafty yourself, the local primary school may be able to use your old roller blinds for a class project. Roller blind fabric is sturdy, making it perfect as an art canvas, cut up to make decorative bookmarks, or to use in other designs.

3. Make a mat from old roller blinds

One practical and creative use for roller blind fabric is to make it into a durable rag rug for indoors or outdoors. Roller blinds are often neutral colours, so the rug or mat you make will complement any decor.

Here's a quick guide to the steps:

  1. Remove the fabric from the rods and opening mechanisms.
  2. Cut fabric into strips.
  3. Sew the strips together to create several long strips of fabric. You can roll this into a ball to store it.
  4. Braid the joined strips of fabric together.
  5. Sew the braid into a circle or another shape to suit your needs!

Rather than braiding the fabric, you could try weaving it instead. Weaving may be easier if the material is quite stiff, and the final result will look great as a doormat. You might you may need a double layer for a finished mat.

Weaving or braiding a mat or rug is just one option for using old roller blind fabric. It's a much better solution than putting the blinds into hard waste and a rewarding project too.

You can browse craft ideas online for more inspiration on re-using unwanted fabric.

4. Create labels for storage

For items stored in the shed, such as gardening tools, DIY tools or ski gear packed in boxes, paper labels may not last. It can be frustrating to look into every single box to find what you need.

For storage in a carport or shed, using roller blind fabric for the labels can ensure your items are easy to find, even after time has passed. Roller blind fabrics are generally durable, making them suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor applications.

The durable polyester and acrylic fabric of your old roller blinds is ideal for labelling storage boxes. With labels in place, you can find what you need right away.

5. Mark plants in the garden

While it can be fun to try to remember what you've planted in the garden, sometimes you want to know which plants are where. Old roller blind material can be cut up and used to label your plants or seeds.

You'll need a permanent marker to write the name of each plant on the strip and some small stakes to attach the material to as well.

6. Make reusable shopping bags

Do you find that you never have enough bags at the supermarket? Old roller blinds can be shaped into handy carry bags and decorated to suit your style.

Cut the fabric to the correct size and shape that will form the bag. You could use a shopping bag you already have as a guide.

To add a pop of colour, you might want to cover the roller blind with fabric. You might cut a piece of fabric to size and sew the edges with a hem that creates a neat finish.

Then sew the sides of the bag into the shape you want, and don't forget to add handles!

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