Christmas styling tips from iseekblinds and @thekmartlover

There are some of us out there that decide the week before Christmas is the perfect time to re-decorate the entire house (yep, a few hands have gone up in our office!) Whilst we certainly agree that installing new roller blinds, sheer curtains and plantation shutters really make a massive difference, do we really need to buy a bunch of new accessories? Or with the current popularity of re-use and re-cycle, can we make do with our trusty old pieces and just give them a clean and a bit of a spruce up? We've made a quick little list of styling tips for you, and our friend and customer Claire @thekmartlover pitches in with her favourites too. 

Our tips to create a gorgeous Christmas home

1. Clean your blinds, plantation shutters and sheer curtains - or order new ones!
Of course! You didn't think we'd start our tips without talking about window furnishings did you? We all like to clean our windows before a house-full of guests arrive, but we don't often think about our window coverings. Along with the regular household chores, wiping down your plantation shutters, dusting your roller blinds and giving your curtains a super-gentle clean will not only freshen them up, but reduce the dust and dirt that accumulates in the room over time. And if you got your orders in before our pre-Christmas delivery cut-offs, installing your new roller blinds, plantation shutters and sheer curtains will make a world of difference to your interior!

2. Pick your colour palette
If red and green aren't part of your decorating color scheme, lean on tones that complement your existing furnishings. Silver, gold, and bronze look right at home at Christmas, and the current trend for natural tones is a winner in our books too as it will go with any existing interior scheme. Want a bit more colour? There are plenty of blush pinks and peach decorations around, and even some gorgeous blues for a different take on a festive palette. 

3. Use natural foliage and flowers
Nothing says Christmas like a pine tree - but branches from olive and gum trees also look beautiful on the table. These are great to make wreaths out of too - you can buy large wire hoops from craft stores, then use twine or fishing line to secure branches of foliage to the hoop.

4. Lights, lights and more lights
We can't get enough of fairy lights at Christmas. Don't reserve them just for your tree ... they can adorn balustrades, mantlepieces, pendant lights, pergolas, verandahs - the options are endless. The solar ones are perfect for our Australian summer and are super easy to set-up. Light the way!!

Claire's tips for Christmas

  • Use what you already have! Your loved ones appreciate who's around the table, not what's on it.
  • Add greenery - it makes everything look and smell amazing. 

So there you have it. A few simple tips to create a beautiful Christmas theme at home! 
We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to helping you on your DIY journey in 2020!

Mike & the iseekblinds team

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