Five top tips for planning a successful home makeover

Dreaming of a makeover for 2020? Our five top tips will help you achieve a great outcome. 

You’ve got the ideas for an interior makeover but aren’t quite sure where to start or the best way to go about achieving your goals. Window coverings are a critical component of any home makeover – they can really make or break a room. Roller blinds, sheer curtains and plantation shutters are all popular options for windows. But which do you want and what will be best for you? 

With so many options out there, working out exactly what you want and finding the best quality product at the best price can sometimes be like navigating a mine field.  Using these simple but effective steps may just make things a lot easier for you come decision time.

#1. Create a moodboard

Creating a moodboard is a great first step when planning your makeover. This will enable you to visualise what you like and the ambience you’re after. It may even help to identify a theme that you can carry through all aspects of your design, decoration and styling. 

New to moodboarding? You can create a simple one on a piece of paper or pinboard, or build an online version with sites such as Adobe Spark or Canva. Include pictures of absolutely everything you can think of as inspiration – your favourite colours, catalogue images, flowers, landscapes, fashion, personal photos, food – you name it. The more you add, the quicker you’ll see a style emerging. Keep it in a handy spot and add to it as you go.

Let your moodboard be your style guide - it will keep you on track!

Moodboard image made in conjunction with @auburndesignstudio

#2. Get advice and identify your needs

Now that you have your moodboard sorted and an idea of what look you want; the next step is to do some research. Speak to friends and family who have recently completed makeovers and ask them where they sourced their products, what the quality was like and if they were happy with the process. Word of mouth recommendations can often be the best way of finding reliable and trustworthy businesses. Check out Instagram too and see which brands appeal to you. 

When it comes to window coverings - there are a number of different companies out there that can help you. Some companies have sales staff on the road and offer a full measure and install service, but you’ll pay for the privilege. Then there are online DIY companies like us! We teach you how to measure and install your own window treatments, saving you a bunch in the process.  

Identify what you can realistically achieve with your makeover - what you’d love to do, what you’d like to do and what you actually need to do may all be different! 

Sheer curtains made by iseekblinds

#3. Gather your pricing and order your samples

Work out what your budget is, then jump online to start sourcing quotes. If you’re willing to do-it-yourself you can save a bunch of money by going DIY.

Our website has all the information and tools to help you on your DIY journey – our how-to videos show you how easy it is to measure and install all your window coverings yourself. If this sounds like you, then you can start the ball rolling right now. Take a quick width and drop measurement and use our Quick Quote tool to grab your pricing. Make sure you also grab some comparison pricing from other providers so you're fully informed.

Once you’ve sourced all your pricing, it’s time to order some samples. Many companies like us offer free blind and curtain fabric swatches so you can see all the options in the flesh. These physical samples will enable you to touch and feel the fabrics, see the textural differences and match them to your interior finishes for a cohesive look. One really important thing to check is that the fabrics you're ordering are safe for your family. Are they non-toxic, PVC, Lead, VOC and heavy-metal free? Are they fire retardant? All of these are super important for the health and safety of your family home. We only supply fabrics that adhere to these standards - watch our video here and find more info about this on our website.


Example sample pack from iseekblinds

#4. Make educated decisions

Once you’ve got your initial prices and fabric samples, you can start firming up your choices and make educated decisions. What products are you choosing? Which fabrics? Which companies will you use to supply your products? Are you comfortable going DIY to save some money? The measure and install processes are pretty simple, but if you’re not too keen on the install you can always opt to hire a handyman to do this for you.

When making these all-important final decisions, just make sure you’re comparing apples with apples and are comfortable with your choices. Due diligence at this stage will ensure the best outcome at the end.

Opt for the best quality your budget can afford. Window coverings especially should last many years, if not a lifetime. This is another reason you should be 100% comfortable with the choices you’re making.


Plantation Shutters made by iseekblinds

#5. Order with confidence!

So now you’ve done all the background work, it’s time to place your orders. Do any additional shopping you need to finish off your makeover, and make sure you have everything in place ready to go once your orders arrive. The finish line is in sight!

If you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s along the way, you should end up with an outcome that not only meets but hopefully exceeds your initial expectations. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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