"Google, Siri, Alexa - Open the blinds"

Just last year, thinking about motorising your roller blinds was considered a luxury.

Today, deciding whether or not to motorise your roller blinds is now a key consideration.

Driving this is the accelerating rate at which we are adopting smart speaker devices, enabling smart home automation capabilities available at our fingertips. 

Think Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home (Google) & Apple HomePod (Siri).   All of these devices have easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces that can be accessed through your smart phone or tablet device making home automation easy to implement.

We can ask the time, play music, set reminders, turn on & off lights and control cooling & heating.

What was once thought of as out of reach or too complicated and expensive, can now be achieved at the touch of a button or with a simple voice command.   

Back in 2016 approx. only 10,000 Australian households owned a smart speaker. By 2018 this number had grown to around half a million Australian households.   By 2022, analyst firm Telsyte predicts 3 million Australian households will have a smart speaker*. (*Tess Bennett – Author  https://which-50.com/google-leads-australias-growing-smart-speaker-market-telsyte/)

Research predicts that as more Australians adopt this technology it will lead to a greater uptake of other connected devices for the home.

Automation technologies are now highly sought after across all types of households and are not just limited to any one demographic. 

Convenience, comfort, entertainment, safety and energy management top the list as the most desired benefits from smart home automation.

Motorised roller blinds and curtains deliver on all of these requirements. 

Along with home efficiencies leading to savings on energy bills, ensuring privacy & protecting your flooring and furnishings from UV damage during the day.

Think voice controlled blinds, app-controlled blinds and wireless blinds.

Automate Pulse 2 - next-generation Wifi Hub

Due for imminent release, the Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse 2 Wifi Hub with its new sleek design will seamlessly integrate with all of these smart speaker devices including Apple HomePod! 

Already have motorised blinds?

Automate Pulse 2 will work with all of the existing iseekblinds motorised roller blinds using Automate Li-ion Arc motors as well as the Automate 240V motors, motorised curtain tracks and roman blinds motors available on our website soon.


 The new Automate Pulse 2 Wifi hub will be available for sale in our Spare Parts list soon, so you can order your motorised blinds today!

2019 and 2020 are forecast to be huge years for home automation. 


At iseekblinds, we know from our accelerating motorised roller blind sales and repeated requests for motorised curtain tracks that smart home automation is becoming more and more commonplace across our customer base.

Future proof your home now for long term savings. 

Motorising your blinds and curtains and integrating them with your smart home devices will greatly assist in reducing your energy usage, delivering savings back to the household.

Not only that the added convenience of being able to group blinds & create scenes – like “Good Morning” - or using a smart phone app to control your blinds from afar will ensure the increased comfort & ease of everyday living, keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, and providing privacy & security at night.

Consider your options with a future view that is rapidly becoming today. 

Make it happen – Motorise your blinds and curtains today!

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