Honeycomb Blind: Distintive & Stylish Window Coverings

Honeycomb Blinds: Distinctive & Stylish Window Coverings

Have you seen Honeycomb Blinds? They are gorgeous! Winter is coming… and what better time to look at a functional and cost effective window covering solution that is also stylish! A great alternative to shutters, roller blinds or curtains, the Honeycomb blind is becoming more popular in cooler climates due to its exceptional insulation properties. With highly sought after thermal properties the Honeycomb blind could be the answer you have been looking for.

The perfect pleats of the stylish Honeycomb Blinds add distinctive style to any living space. Elegant and functional, these must-haves provide exceptional insulation, light control and sound absorption. Come and check them out…

Light Filtering Honeycomb blinds Top Down Bottom Up

Here’s an example above in light filtering white. Let’s see some more photos and chat about their benefits below…

New Day Night Blind

Double Cell Light Filter

Key Honeycomb facts:

Exceptional insulators – due to the hexagonal cells that make up the unique fabric of a Honeycomb Blind. These cells act as little air pockets and trap the air. Air is not a good conductor of heat – therefore when a Honeycomb Blind is in the closed position, it acts in a similar fashion to a double glazed window. It ensures the heat won’t escape during winter from the house, whilst also keeping the house cool in summer as it prevents the sun’s heat from heating up the home.

Reduced costs on running the household  – This means huge savings on energy bills and a more environmentally friendly solution as less air-conditioning or heating is required in the home.

Great for sound absorption – In addition to being known for their insulation properties, Honeycomb Blinds are also known for their sound absorption abilities as well. A great solution for an ‘echoey’ room.

Top Down Bottom Up

Most versatile of all blinds – Due to the many control options available. You can have top down, bottom up style and many other forms in both cordless and dual corded.

Top Down Bottom Up

Top Down Bottom Up

Top Down Bottom Up

See how you won’t lose your view!

Multiple Light Control Options – 3 different fabric choices (sheer, light filter or blockout).

If you’re not sure which fabric style to go for I recommend ordering the Honeycomb Collection Folder from  iseekblinds so you can check out all the variations.

Honeycomb Sample Collection Folder

Honeycomb Sample Collection

Sheer – is a great partner if looking at the best of both worlds with a Day Night Blind. The sheer fabric offers a view and retention of natural light – and paired with a blockout will ensure your light control, privacy and insulation properties at night.

Light Filtering – ensures you keep your natural light, adds warmth to any room and is fantastic for ‘hiding’ an ugly view – if your window looks right out onto a fence or neighbours wall.

Blockout – Privacy, light control and the highest insulation properties.

Honeycomb Sample Collection

All Honeycombs are custom made in just 4 weeks from iseekblinds and to celebrate the launch of their new blinds you can save a huge 20% if you order soon! All of these Honeycombs are custom made and they super easy to DIY measure and install. Jump on iseekblinds’ website and follow all their easy videos and steps on how to get these gorgeous new blinds in your own home in a matter of weeks!


This blog post was written in partnership with iseekblinds. 

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