How to decorate with Plantation Shutters

6 tips for decorating with Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are perfect for open plan living areas, living rooms, kitchens and even wet areas of your home. Plantation shutters not only give you a beautiful result, but they also help you to achieve better energy efficiency within your home.

Our plantation shutter kits are easy to DIY install — so you get the classic style you're after without a the hefty price tag!

If you're new to plantation shutters, you've come to the right place. We’ll tell you why we love them and share ideas on how to style your plantation shutters — here are just a few to inspire you.

1. Easy, breezy style that suits any home

Plantation shutters are an ideal window treatment for Australian homes. Their tropical style suits our climate and outdoor lifestyle and brings a strong architectural aesthetic to both the inside and outside of the home.

Plantation shutters offer the ultimate in flexibility, giving you options to control the amount of light, air and heat entering your room, along with the level of privacy you require.   

When the blades are open, plantation shutters allow air and light to flow through your home – great for those lovely summer days! And you can capture cooling breezes at night whilst still retaining privacy by tilting the blades to the angle you require.

2. Put shutters on every window in the room

Plantation shutters are a great choice for any room of the home, but are especially suited to living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.  

Installing shutters on each window in a room ensures consistency and design flow. Each shuttered room will feel complete, cohesive and full of character, and look beautiful too!

Plantation shutters are also a smart choice for those with pets — when you tilt shutters to let the light in, they'll still prevent your pets from seeing passers-by and breaking the quiet. Or better still, design your shutters with a split-tilt, so you can have the top open and the bottom closed.

3. Combine shutters with curtains or drapes

Shutters are extremely versatile and the perfect partner to other window treatments. So remember, you aren't limited to just one type of window treatment on your windows!

Plantation shutters don't completely block out the light. If you're planning to add them to bedroom windows, you'll need blackout curtains as well. Ceiling mounted blackout curtains work well with plantation shutters, allowing easy access to the windows and darkening the room at night.

For older homes with 1950's style windows, plantation shutters can add architectural shape and modern style. In living areas, adding curtains alongside shutters brings softness. You can even pair plantation shutters with sheer curtains. With the shutters tilted and windows open, sheer curtains provide movement and beauty to your room.

4. Enhance the size of the room

One of the best things about plantation shutters is that your room will feel both cosy and spacious — a perfect combination!

Brilliant white plantation shutters ensure light enters and bounces around the room while providing privacy. With plantation shutters in place, you may find you don't require as much overhead lighting.

Using lamps in your shuttered rooms makes the rooms feel larger. An expansive sense of space matters, especially if you're spending more time indoors in those smaller homes and apartments! 

5. Coordinate furniture and decor

Our PVC plantation shutters are a brilliant white, designed to brighten and open any room. The plantation shutters timeless style will pair neatly with your prints, paintings, curtains and decor.

Whether you have a minimalist or Hamptons style interior, or a more decorative one, plantation shutters can match any style or colour scheme.

Shutters can be a feature element in the room. You can hang artwork alongside the shutters for a tasteful, well-lit display that seamlessly coordinates with your throws, cushions and furniture. 

DIY plantation shutters with iSeekBlinds

6. Use plantation shutters in wet areas or storage areas

The best part about having plantation shutters custom-made is that you can install them anywhere to complete the style of your home.

Our PVC plantation shutters are popular for wet areas of your home, such as the laundry, bathroom or kitchen. Unlike wooden plantation shutters, these sturdy shutters are resistant to humidity and moisture. You can make a strong design statement even in these functional rooms!

You can even extend your plantation shutters to storage areas within your home. For example, you might use plantation shutters to hide an open laundry or wardrobe. Plantation shutters can also fill a void in a wall, breaking up an open plan space with multiple purposes.

7. Less is more when it comes to panel layout

Having your plantation shutters custom-made means you can select the exact layout that will enhance your windows. If you aren't sure what to choose, always opt for the least complex design!

The first step in selecting your panel layout is to follow the window. Following the window will ensure all your windows open seamlessly to let in the fresh air, and your room will have a natural flow.

When selecting your panel layout, consider how the shutters will look from both inside and outside your home. An uncomplicated panel layout will provide the most aesthetically pleasing exterior to give you the full style benefits! Use our handy panel layout chart to guide you, and of course refer to our how-to-measure videos too for more tips and tricks.

Looking for inspiration? Our plantation shutter gallery is full of inspiration! See how our customers have used plantation shutters in their homes and read their feedback. It just might be the inspo you need to get started.

Ready to get started? Our friendly team can help you style your home with DIY plantation shutters that will last for years.

Image credit: Thanks to our lovely customer Kate for sharing her room with us! Find her on Insta @myhomestyle89

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