How to hang sheer curtains behind drapes

Learn how to mount sheer curtains behind drapes for 24-hour privacy

Sheer curtains are an investment that provides softness and elegance by diffusing natural light. The lightweight fabric allows light to enter the room while protecting your privacy during the daytime.

Pairing sheer curtains with heavier drapes can add a romantic feel to a room. Blackout drapes also make it easy to darken any room, as needed. Whether you choose opulent drapes or modern blackout curtains, the addition of sheer curtains can elevate any room.

Perfect your home with sheer curtains from iSeekBlinds. When you choose your fabric and mounting option, we will send your custom-made curtains ready for DIY installation.

Why mount sheer curtains behind drapes?

Combining sheer curtains with thicker drapes helps to insulate a room. Multiple layers of fabric create air pockets that trap warm or cool air. Layering curtains will help to keep your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so you get more benefit from your heating and cooling systems.

Layering sheer curtains with blackout curtains or drapes will ensure that the room stays private when you open the drapes to allow sunlight through.

How to hang sheer curtains behind drapes

When you know the right steps, hanging sheer curtains behind drapes is easy.

Step 1: Choose your sheer curtains

Before you can hang your curtains, you need to choose the style, measure the window, and ensure that the sheer fabric highlights the room in an advantageous way.

Sheer curtains from iSeekBlinds come with a minimum of 200% fullness and s-fold hanging style. The curtains come custom made to fit your window with the tracks included, so you are ready to install them right away.

Sheer curtains are usually closed throughout the day when drapes are pulled open, so it is the sheer curtains you will be looking at most of the time.

TIP: Sheer curtains are the most visible curtains, so choose a fabric style that complements your decor and colour scheme.

Step 2: Choose your drapes

Drapes (blockout curtains) are usually thick fabric, often lined to add an extra layer of light blocking and insulation. Drapes should generally run along on a separate row of curtain tracks to sheer curtains. Using a second curtain track allows enough space for the sheer curtains to hang between the drapes and the window.

When choosing the fabric, consider which colours match best with your sheer curtains. For inspiration, you can browse our photo gallery. Pick out the curtain styles that you like best before ordering your curtains.

Step 3: Decide how to mount your curtains

You can mount sheer curtains and drapes directly onto the wall above the window or the ceiling. It will depend on the style of window treatment that you want to achieve.

When layering curtains, both layers will be mounted in the same way, with space to allow each layer to open and close independently.

Our recommended mounting style is ceiling mounting your s-fold curtain tracks. S-fold tracks give curtains an elegant drop that will set high-quality fabrics to advantage in any lighting.

Step 4: Hang your curtains

Curtains and curtain tracks usually come with detailed instructions on how to install them, but we also have handy how-to videos to show you how to install your curtains. Brackets should be spaced around 600mm apart to ensure the curtain rail is attached securely to the wall or ceiling.

TIP: Lighter curtains can have brackets spaced a little further apart, whilst heavier curtains will need brackets spaced closer together.

If you are a visual learner or want more guidance, iSeekBlinds owner Mike demonstrates the whole process. This YouTube video shows how to install your sheer curtains and drapes.

Step 5: Add ties to style drapes

You can frame your window space elegantly with a classic vintage style using ties to hold back drapes. Instead of opening the curtains fully along the curtain rail, this allows the fabric to drape around the window to form a styled frame.

It's easy to install ties. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Decide the height of the tie. If adding curtain ties to both sides of the window, measure each side to the same position.
  2. Drill a hole into the all at the desired location and insert a raw plug.
  3. Screw the curtain tie hook into the raw plug.
  4. Fit the tie back loop to the hook, pass it behind and around the curtain and secure it at the front.

TIP: Tie-backs look best installed about one-third of the way up the curtain height.

Do sheer curtains have to go behind drapes?

Sheer curtains have traditionally been placed closer to the window, with heavier drapes closer to the living spaces. However, to maintain the softness of sheer curtains once the drapes are closed, you may place sheer curtains in front of the drapes. This arrangement may help thick fabric curtains to keep the room warmer as well.

It all depends on the sheer fabric chosen for your curtains and the style you prefer. Before arranging sheer curtains in front of heavier drapes, make sure that the lighter cloth looks good when placed over the heavier curtain fabric. You can do this during the planning phase when you order fabric samples.

How to maintain your curtains and drapes

After some time, curtains and drapes need cleaning. Regular cleaning ensures they stay in good condition for longer, adding value to your home. Cleaning of curtain fabric is straightforward, depending on your chosen fabric type. This guide explains in detail how to clean your sheer curtains to keep them looking fresh.

Ready to order DIY sheer curtains for your home? Our friendly customer service team can help you with any questions. Start now to upgrade the vibe of your window spaces.

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