How to pair sheer curtains and blinds

Combining sheer curtains and roller blinds is easy with our range of Bali fabric combinations.

Sheer curtains and roller blinds are a match made in heaven and will provide you with the ultimate in flexibility. Not only does this combination allow you to control light levels with ease, but it also provides you the privacy and insulation benefits you require during the day and night. 

But sometimes trying to match the perfect blind and sheer curtain fabric can be tricky. So, to make things easier, we’ve introduced our Bali blends range of coordinated fabrics.  We've taken the guesswork out of choosing your roller blind and sheer curtain fabrics by developing combinations that complement each other.  Not only will they provide you with a beautiful window covering solution, but one that is functional and affordable too. 

Follow our tips below to make the most out of combining sheer curtains with roller blinds in your home using our Bali blends range.

Install a blockout roller blind 

Identifying the needs of the space is the common sense first-step as it will guide you in your decorating choices. For example:

  • Bedrooms need full light blockout for a great sleep (especially important if you have a shift-worker in the house) so installing a blockout roller blind is a great option. Outside mounting your blockout roller blind and back-rolling the fabric will enable the blind to sit nice and close to the architrave, eliminating any light gaps and offering the best blockout and room darkening result. Learn more about mounting your blinds here
  •  Living rooms can be a little more flexible with light levels, so roller blinds can be inside mounted if you have the depth in your window reveals, giving you a more streamlined and subtle finish. 

 Sheer curtains can then be installed over the top of both inside, and outside mounted roller blinds.

Go high and wide with your sheer curtains

Where and how you mount your sheer curtains can really change the perception of scale of your windows and your room. If you have standard or low ceilings, elongate the height of the space by opting for a ceiling mount on your curtains and running the track past the edge of your architraves by at least 100mm on each side. Better still, if you can run your sheer curtains across the full length of the wall, you’ll achieve a stunning, designer-style finish that will make a real difference to your space. This will make your windows look much larger than they actually are. 

Bali Sheer Curtain colours

Think about your fabrics

There a few things to think about in addition to the basic “Which colour?” question. Privacy, insulation properties and ease of cleaning should all be considered when making your choices. Let’s break it down.

Blockout roller blind fabric considerations
A full blockout fabric is great for light control and insulation all year round, and our Bali Thermal blockout is a stand-out choice. Its thermal properties will help keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and it’s also easy to maintain and clean, making it ideal for use in any room or in any climate.

Bali Thermal blockout blind fabric is PVC, VOC and Lead-free as well as being fade resistant and fire retardant, making it a perfect choice and safe for your family too.

Sheer Curtain fabrics
Sheer curtain fabrics are not just decorative. They provide daytime privacy, filter the light entering your room and help insulate against heat and cold too.

Our Bali sheer curtain is a beautiful, lightweight fabric. It is effortlessly elegant and its linen-like texture will add a gentle, soft floatiness to any room. Colour fade resistant and flame retardant, it’s a perfect option for your home.

The importance of colour choice
Colour choice is not just about what you like or what matches your rooms furnishings. Believe it or not, colour also plays a big part in the insulation stakes.
Consider the orientation of the room in relation to the sun. Are you facing north or west, and copping a whole lot of heat during summer? Light colours will reflect the light and heat, keeping a room cooler than darker colours will, as darker colours will absorb the heat. This is especially relevant for blockout roller blinds.  

Choosing your colour

When placing a roller blind behind a sheer curtain, you’ll achieve the best outcome if your roller blind fabric is a tonal-match. The sheer curtain should be the star of the show, so installing a complementary roller behind it means it will stand out and there will be nothing to distract you from its beauty.  

And that’s exactly what our Bali blends range offers you! The perfect combinations, already decided, to make your choice easy. All you need to do is choose which colour works best for you and your interior (the colour names are the same in both the blind and the sheer curtain to make it really easy!).

  • Whites: Snow, Chalk and Pearl
  • Warm neutrals: Blush, Driftwood and Smoke
  • Greys: Cloud, Ash and Thunder
  • Dark tones: Storm and Black

Check out the combinations on our handy download chart. Once you've made your choice - you can order your free samples on our website. 

Tip: Choose a range that blends with your walls for a seamless, contemporary result. 

Match your blind and sheer curtain colour

There you have it! Layering sheer curtains over your blockout roller blinds really is the ultimate window covering solution. The combination offer you various privacy options for both day and night, and the ultimate in light control too. It's also super easy to achieve and won't break the bank either. Especially when you use our Bali blends fabric range.

So, if you've got a window that could use a little layering-zing, let us help you! The DIY process is easy to follow, and it will make a world of difference to your home, we promise. Contact us today if you have any questions. We're here to help!

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