It's so easy to DIY and SAVE

Today we have a guest article / video from Kate, one of our customers.  Initially unsure of her DIY ability, she measured and installed her own Plantation shutters. Kate was so amazed at how easy the process actually was, she wanted to share her journey with you all so you too can confidently DIY measure and install your own plantation shutters.  And save $1000's as a result.   Kate has her own instagram blog on styling & interior design - check it out at Myhomestyle89.  Over to you Kate.

I’ll start off by Introducing myself! 

I’m Kate, I’m 28 and I’m from a small country town in NSW. I’ve always been interested in interiors and decorating ever since I moved into my first home. I reluctantly (I am a shy person) started my own Instagram account ‘Myhomestyle89’ and started uploading some photos of my home and my styling journey. 

I was overwhelmed with the response and couldn’t believe all the lovely support and connections I made through ‘Myhomestyle89’. 

I discovered so many gorgeous businesses and now do professional product styling. I often have to pinch myself that I am lucky enough to work with and be sought after by so many brands I’ve loved and looked up to forever.

 Since we moved into our home we have been making our way through updating and upgrading all the little details. One major difference was upgrading our vertical blinds to plantation shutters. By updating the window coverings it changed the whole feel of the room. It really is amazing how much of a difference it makes! Clean and crisp! 

 I came across Iseekblinds on Instagram and what I loved most about them is the affordable price and the DIY aspect. The customer service was top notch too! 

 When I uploaded the first photo of my shutter to my social media page I had so many questions about the process. A lot of people are scared of of DIY, they think they can’t do it and it will be too hard. 

 I wanted to show my followers and  everyone asking questions how easy it was to install our shutter so I’ve put together this clip on how it’s done! So easy and you save a bundle! 

 If I can do it anyone can! 

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