Shop by Room - Part 2 - Bedroom Solutions

Shop by Room Series - Bedrooms

About to move into your brand new house or thinking of updating your interiors and not sure where to start?  iseekblinds offers a variety of solutions to suit your interior style, windows and budget.

In part 2 of our Shop by Room series, we take you through some proven solutions for your bedroom windows.  Learn how to ensure the best light control for room darkening and privacy both day and night. Our new ISB Silent bottom rail eliminates noise from banging blinds for an uninterrupted nights sleep.  Consider automating your blinds and incorporating Google home or Alexa to activate your blinds with voice control! Set your good morning scenes to wake up to. These products include Sheer curtains & blockout roller blind combinations, Plantation Shutters, inside mounted sunscreen blinds with outside mounted blockout roller blinds, double roller blinds, roman blinds, pelmets and motorisation.  

S-Fold Sheer Curtains & Blockout Roller Blind combinations

Prices start from $322.37

Add a sense of romance & glamour to your bedroom, combining an S-fold sheer curtain with a blockout roller blind.  This combination will enable nighttime privacy and the ultimate in light control with the blockout roller blind. Whilst the sheer curtain placed in front will soften the overall look, give you daytime privacy and add that designer edge.  Ceiling mount your sheers for elongated height and add a feeling of elegance and luxury to your interiors.  For added convenience, motorise your blockout blind.

Inside mounted Sunscreen & Outside mounted Blockout Roller Blinds with Pelmet 95

Prices start from $132.00

For the ultimate bedroom solution, Michael's go-to combination is an inside mounted sunscreen blind for daytime privacy, view and natural light, installed with an outside mounted blockout roller blind.  Outside mounting the blockout roller blind and back rolling the fabric will enable the fabric to sit nice and close to the architrave, eliminating any light gaps for the ultimate in blockout and room darkening.  An outside mounted, back rolled roller blind also means you can finish off the look with a stunning Pelmet 95!  Add the ISB Silent bottom rail to eliminate your blinds banging for a great night's sleep.

Plantation Shutters

Prices start from $235 per square meter

Style your bedroom with plantation shutters.  Highly desirable Plantation Shutters are a stunning addition to any room and bedrooms in particular. So versatile with available options such as a split tilt, you can open the top section of your shutters whilst keeping the bottom section closed.  This enables both light and privacy whilst you get ready and make your bed!  Available in the most popular colours of Brilliant White and Natural White, shutters are easily incorporated into any interior theme.

Double Roller Blinds - inside mount

Prices start from $179.81

Get the best of both worlds with a double roller blind. Otherwise known as a day night blind, combine a sunscreen for daytime privacy, allowing in natural light whilst retaining your view and the Blockout for night time privacy and room darkening. iseekblinds recommend inside mounting your double roller blinds on our slim line brackets to alleviate the light gaps as much as possible. Add the ISB silent bottom rail for a peaceful nights sleep.  Motorise your blockout blind and create scenes so that your blockout roller blinds go up at your preferred time every morning! Or set them up with Alexa or Google home for the ultimate in voice control.  

Roman Blinds

Prices start from $167.46
Make a feature of your windows with Roman blinds!  The unique soft, subtle folds of a Roman blind ensure an elegant and sophisticated window dressing. Select from our range of blockout fabrics to add a designer edge to your interiors.  Easily installed, this blind system ensures smooth quiet movement with the strength to manage fabrics of any weight.  The cleverly designed back batten system eliminates distracting stitch holes, puckering or penetrating light, resulting in a neat and refined finish. Combine with a sunscreen blind for day time privacy.

Pelmet 95

Prices start from $44
Finish off your interiors with a stunning Pelmet 95.  Neatly covering both the top and front of the roll tube, Pelmet 95 will protect your roller blinds from dust whilst hiding the roll tube.
So easy to install, these pelmets will ensure a unified look for your interiors at a price point that everyone can afford!  Available for both single and single linked roller blinds, simply add a Pelmet 95 to your roller blind order as you proceed through the checkout.

Automate your blinds!

Prices start from $136

Automate your Roller Blinds for added convenience and modern day living.  With motors starting from $136 it's super affordable to upgrade to luxury.  As technology continues to evolve, the new Automate Wifi Hub is now available.  This means you can control your blinds from anywhere in the world via your smart phone. Create up to 20 scenes, 20 timers, group blinds to manage rooms, operate up to 5 locations all via your smart phone.  In addition, Amazon Alexa works with Automate Pulse to take control of your blinds with your voice!  All you need is the Automate Pulse Wifi hub, then add "Automate Shades Skill" to your Amazon Alexa.  This allows you to control individual or groups of blinds with precision using voice control!  Next release Google Home coming soon.....  Its important to note that motors cannot be retrofitted, so ensure you consider automation at the time of placing your order for Roller blinds.

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