Sunscreen Roller Blinds: The perfect solution for any window

Sunscreen roller blinds really come into their own during summer and will make a huge difference to your home during these brighter, warmer months. But just why are sunscreen roller blinds so popular, and what advantages do they offer? We offer some advice and answer some of the most frequent questions below. 

Can you see through sunscreen blinds?

Yes, you can! Not only will you retain your view to the outside but sunscreen blinds also allow the natural light to flood your space. This will keep your rooms well-lit with a softly filtered light that’s easy on the eyes and the furnishings! Sunscreen blinds also provide you with daytime privacy - you’ll be able to see out, but people won’t be able to see in. Perfect for bedrooms and windows that face the neighbours or the street. Our fabrics offer different levels of openness too, some being more transparent than others. View our fabric choices here and order some free samples to decide which one is best for you. 

Do sunscreen blinds reduce heat?

Sunscreen roller blinds have excellent insulation properties, so are ideal for keeping your rooms cooler in summer. They will prevent the heat from entering your rooms by providing a barrier at the window - either reflecting or absorbing the heat, depending on the colour you choose (see more on colour choice below). They excel in controlling the glare entering your room, so are perfect for north and west facing rooms. With an approximate 95% UV protection rate, they’ll also help to protect for your furniture and flooring from sun damage. 

Does fabric colour make a difference?

The fabric colour you choose will determine how the blind performs and what results you'll achieve once you've installed it. It's always best to work out what you need the blind to do, then make that your primary reason for choosing the colour. For example - do you need to maintain excellent visibility to the outside, or perhaps increase the brightness of your space?  Don't just opt for which colour works best with your interior. There is more at play here. 

Light colours will reflect the light and heat whilst maximising the brightness of your space. This can make them a little harder to see through when the sun is shining brightly outside. Darker colours offer excellent visibility from inside to out and tend to be a little easier on the eye as they absorb the light and heat. This absorption may make the room feel a bit warmer though, so just be aware.

Layer up your windows

Sunscreen roller blinds are perfect for layering with blockout roller blinds or blockout curtains. 

They are most commonly installed behind a blockout roller blind, providing you with both privacy and insulation options. Raise your blockout blind during the day and let the sunscreen blind do the hard work of reducing the glare and giving you daytime privacy. And of course at night (and in winter) your sunscreen blind will provide you with an additional layer of insulation against the cold air outside, helping to reduce your energy bills. 

You can also install a sunscreen roller blind behind blockout curtains - achieving the same results as mentioned above. Not only does it look great, but it gives you the best of both worlds - the beautiful luxury of blockout curtains, with the practicality of the hard-working sunscreen blind behind them. The perfect solution for bedrooms! 

Visit our website or contact us to find our more about our sunscreen roller blinds. 

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