The benefits of Roller and Double Roller Blinds

Roller blinds and double roller blinds are affordable and practical options when thinking about window treatments for your home. They are simple to install, look great and don’t take up too much space. But why do we love double roller blinds so much? Our friend Katrina Chambers shared the below article with us many years ago, but it's still so completely relevant today, that we thought we'd revisit it (plus add a bit more in) and share the gold with you all!

Roller blinds boast clean lines and a minimalist appeal

Roller blinds are known for their ease of installation (think DIY!) and simplicity. Roller blinds are a regular feature in many Australian homes and remain one of the best selling window furnishings today. I have a few in my home which I purchased via  iseekblinds. Any style, any budget I promise you’ll find something to suit to your own home.

Come and check out some ideas with the photos below…

Sheers & Rollers

Popular at the moment is a sheer over the top of a roller blind.  Like this photo above.  Such a soft and inviting space.

Double Rollers

This window above makes use of the double roller system. The sunscreen underneath with a blockout on the top. That’s a clever idea and perfect for controlling light levels and privacy within your home at any time of day.

Kitchen and dining Roller blinds

Why double roller blinds? 

Combine the best of both worlds with double roller blinds (also called dual roller blinds or day and night blinds). This innovative blind system includes two different types of blinds on a single bracket. With double roller blinds you can switch between blockout blinds for complete privacy and darkness, to transparent sunscreen blinds that let in natural light whilst preserving your view. It's the benefit of the dual roller blinds system. Our day night blinds are the perfect solution for 24 hour coverage.

There are 3 types of fabrics you could use for a roller blind

Sunscreen Blinds

Retain your view, reduce the glare factor and protect your furnishings and flooring from sun damage with sunscreen fabrics.  I have these all across the back windows of my house (my house below). Love them!

Katrina's House Sunscreen Blinds

Light Filtering Blinds

Light Filtering fabrics gently diffuse the light, whilst ensuring both day and night time privacy.  Add an extra layer of decorative privacy to a frosted window or hide an ugly view whilst adding warmth and retaining your natural light.

Blockout Blinds

Blockout blinds come into their own when it comes to ensuring the perfect light control within your home. They maintain excellent insulation and offer 100% privacy. Lots of colours to choose from. If you are after 100% blockout then read more 

The finishing touch

For a touch of luxury,  motorise your blinds or finish off your look with one of their beautiful pelmets!

All of these blinds are so easy to measure and install by getting your DIY on! And saving loads in the process. So jump to it! 🙂

Katrina & the iSeekBlinds team x

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