Welcome to our NEW Website

Welcome to our NEW website

Behind the scenes here at iseekblinds, we have been working hard over the last few months to bring you our new and improved website!

Your feedback has been invaluable and we thank each of you who have taken the time to let us know your thoughts.  Taking on board every comment in conjunction your responses from our customer surveys, we have endeavoured to solve all the challenges you - our customers, were experiencing on our previous site.

What’s New?

Navigation and Information flow

One of our biggest objectives was to ensure clear and easy navigation of the site, enabling you to get the answers you seek instantly!  We hope we have achieved that!

Genuine Custom Made Blinds

That’s all we make and sell.  That’s all we have ever made and sold.  This is now very clear on our website.  No ‘ready-mades’ or cut down blinds here!!  Just genuine Custom Made high quality products at competitive prices.

Product ‘Hubs’

We have created a product ‘Hub’ for each of our products.  To make it super easy when you are researching and looking for information, our product hubs are a one stop shop for everything relating to that specific product.

Get Your DIY On!

How to Measure, How to Order and How to Install instructions are clearer than ever and easier to navigate and follow.

How to Measure

There is a detailed How to Measure section for each of our products.  These areas contains handy Check Measure worksheets to assist you in your measuring process, correlating to the order process for an easy follow through to placing your order.  Any related Layouts are also in the same area to get you started faster.  There are concise and simple measuring instructions both written and in Video form. As well as loads of encouragement!

How to Order

There is a How to Order section for each product to make it as easy as possible for you to order your products on line.

The order forms themselves have been expanded to offer greater clarity when placing your order, especially for Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters

You can now order Basswood Plantation Shutter Corner and Bay Windows directly on line!

Ordering Linked Roller Blinds has now never been easier

And we have a whole new section on Pelmets and Motors!

You can add your room name for each blind.  You can edit your orders without having to start over.  You can ‘Buy Another’ to order another of the same product and tweak it to make any necessary changes - again without having to start over!

For added convenience, we have added in a “Saved Items” section in Your Account to enable you to save your part orders should you be interrupted during your order placement or have a question you need answered before you submit your order!  Simply click on your saved order and continue where you left off.

How to Install

There is a detailed How to install section for each of our products.  Getting you started, suggesting tool kit requirements, advising how to lay out your blinds and an easy to use format with links to take exactly where you need to go for guidance with both video or written instructions.  All geared towards you getting your DIY on!

Payment Options

In addition to our eWay secure payment gateways, you now have the option to use Paypal!  Using Paypal also offers you the flexibility to use your Amex card if preferred.

We are here to help

Introducing our personal 1:1 sessions.  Got a tricky window or are simply not sure?  Book in for a personal online session with one of our experts via Join me or Skype from the comfort of your own home!  In addition, we have added a Quick Enquiry function.  If you have a quick enquiry, simply send us your question and one of the iseekblinds team will get back to pronto for a quick answer!

NEW fabric ranges

We have introduced a new and expanded range of fabrics for our Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Panel Glide blinds, giving our customers a greater choice of colours, textures and ranges to choose from.

Katrina Chambers is on board!

iseekblinds is excited to announce our new partnership with Katrina Chambers. A great supporter and friend of iseekblinds, each month Katrina will be keeping us up to date with the latest trends in window furnishings, interior design and colour schemes. In addition, via social media Katrina will be available for live chats to answer any questions you may have on your interior décor and to offer advice regarding your window coverings.  A very exciting opportunity and we can't wait to start working together!

Photo Galleries

Thanks to you, we have created fantastic galleries of photos across each of our product ranges. To get a sense of how our products look in real homes, check out our Community gallery on the home page.  Real people, real homes, awesome outcomes!  See our happy customers’ photos and share their DIY experience.  We welcome and encourage all of you to send in your photos, share your DIY experience and show off your DIY skills!!

Gift Vouchers

Share the love!  Gift Vouchers are coming soon to purchase for your friends and family –A perfect wedding gift, house warming or birthday present.

Your Account

All your information contained in the one place!  View your account to change any details, see your past orders, print off copies of your invoices and access your saved orders. 

And that’s not all

We still have a lot of work ahead of us and will be continuing to update and improve the content and videos on our site.  New videos are coming soon for all How to Measure and How to Install sections.  Soon you will be able to order Pelmets and linked blinds for our Double Rollers directly on line.  And there are many more exciting new additions on the way.

Please share your thoughts

In order to continue to improve our website, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please send us your feedback and tell us what you love and what you would like to see improved.  After all we are creating this website for you!  Find the ‘Feedback’ link in our footer or simply send your feedback to sales@iseekblinds.com.au.

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