What are the best blinds for sliding doors, bifold doors, and stacking doors?

Discover the best blinds for your home, whether you have bifold, sliding, or stacking doors

If you are lucky enough to have a verandah or outdoor area separated from your home by sliding, bifold, or stacking doors, you will know the immense freedom and openness that comes from being able to bring the outside into your home.

You will also know the difficulty that can accompany this unique door shape when you are trying to find a blind or curtain that fits the design.

In this short and simple guide, we are going to investigate the best possible blind solutions out there and bring you the best blinds for sliding, bifold, and stacking doors.

Looking for a high quality blind from a brand that you can trust? Speak to the friendly team at iSeekBlinds today. We can discuss the type of windows you have and let you know what style will work best for you.

Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding doors linked roller blinds

Sliding doors allow you to enjoy the best of the outdoors without compromise. You can open sliding doors up and enjoy seamless access to a verandah or outdoor area, but also close them to enjoy protection from the elements with an unobstructed view.

  • The style of blinds that you choose will depend on the size and access to your doors, and what type of opening you have.
  • A popular choice for many homeowners is to invest in a fixed single roller blind in a blackout fabric, as it allows you to adjust the level of light that you allow in.
  • Linked roller door blinds, whether single linked roller blinds or double linked roller blinds, are also a great choice and can be adapted to fit practically any style of siding door configuration. Linked roller blinds are especially suited to wide windows or wide sliding doors. 

Sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners in Australia because they allow you to make the most of the sunny days and get protection from the inclement weather when you need it. Make sure your blinds give you the flexibility and freedom you want.

Stacking Door Blinds

Stacking doors give you the freedom to really make the most of your outdoor space. With stacking doors you can fold your doors onto each other and maximise your outdoor access.

Stacking doors, while attractive, present a unique problem for blinds in that each door moves independently of the wall and ceiling that they sit under. As a result, you need to get a bit creative with your blind solution.

  • Choose a blind that can be pulled back easily, and which does not impede your access to outside.
  • Single roller blinds can be retracted with ease and offer a great solution for your stacking doors.
  • Double linked blinds offer an attractive and workable solution for your home.

If you are unsure about what type of blinds to get for your stacking doors, speak to our team today. We are committed to delivering a solution that you will love every step of the way.

Bifold door blinds

Bifold doors are a wonderful addition to any home – but you do need the right blinds to ensure that you get the kind of privacy you want! Again, as with the stacking and sliding doors, you can invest in a fixed blind that retracts when you have your doors open and this will provide privacy and comfort in your home.

  • Single roller blinds are a great entry-level blind option for your bifold doors.
  • Double roller blinds are two blinds on a single bracket which allows you to choose between privacy and blackout blinds to ensure you always have the option you need.
  • Linked blinds are an attractive option for any homeowner looking to maximise functionality and enjoy sleek and smooth design lines.These are especially suited to wide bifold doors or wide windows. 

Which style of blinds should you choose?


Blockout blinds are the perfect solution for your bedroom blinds and for any areas where you want more privacy and control over lighting. Blockout blinds allow you to shut out light completely or adjust the level of light that comes into a room. We stock a great range of high quality, Australian-made blind fabrics in great colours and textures to perfectly suit your home. 

Light filter

Ambient light is your best friend with light filter blinds. Light filter fabrics are ideal for rooms where you require daytime privacy, but still need the natural light, like street-facing bedrooms and bathrooms. 


Ensure you get the full benefit of the sun's rays without any of the harm with our range of sunscreen blinds. We stock an impressive range of blind fabrics and styles to meet the needs of any homeowners.

Speak to our friendly team today about your blind and curtain options. Your choice of fabric is critical to achieving the perfect outcome, and we can advise you on what  might work best with your room and needs. 

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