What blinds are best for kitchens?

No matter which window covering you choose, kitchen blinds need to be functional and practical.

Whether you've just moved into a new place or you're ready to update your old kitchen, the blinds you choose need to not only look good but be practical too. There are a few factors to consider, as well as options to choose from, so let’s get started!  

Kitchen windows don't have to be bare or plain, but they do need to be practical. No matter what kitchen window covering you choose, you’ll need to cover these essentials:

Water resistance

As kitchen windows are often behind the sink, blinds need to be able to withstand moisture, steam and the occasional messy splash of food! So, you’ll need durable kitchen blinds that can stand up to a lot of heat and moisture. Be sure to check the details of any blind you choose, to ensure that the fabric is suitable for wet areas as is able to withstand moisture and humidity. 

Easy to clean

Kitchen blinds that are durable and easy to clean will make your life much easier. Look for fabrics that are mould resistant, or at least those that easy-care. Plain, smooth polyester fabrics will be easier to look after than those with textures, and you should be able to wipe them clean with a damp cloth if needed.


No matter which window covering you choose, kitchen blinds need to be functional and practical. Make sure you can easily open and close blinds without leaning over benches or sinks and that they fit your window well. You may also need protection from the summer sun and heat, as the sun can cause harsh glare especially if your window is near the sink. Privacy might also be key, especially if you are close to your neighbours.

So, once you’ve taken these factors into consideration, let’s look at popular window coverings for kitchen windows. Our blinds, curtains and shutters are all custom-made, so you can confidently fit even non-standard kitchen window sizes.

*Customer image: Diane Brady | Blockout Linked Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters

Kitchen roller blinds

Roller blinds are an ideal kitchen solution. Perfect above the kitchen sink, you can select from our range of easy-care blockout fabrics or opt for a sunscreen blind to reduce the glare, especially if you have a west-facing window. Many of our roller blind fabrics are mould and mildew resistant, offer insulation properties, privacy and light control and you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Motorising your kitchen blinds is a great idea too. You’ll increase the safety in your space by not having to lean over the sink or bench to operate the chain. You can find out more about our motorisation options here

Stunning kitchen shutters

Resistant to moisture and humidity, our PVC plantation shutters will take on splashes and can easily be wiped clean. A strong and hardwearing material, each blade is reinforced with an aluminium core to ensure this durable material won't warp, crack, peel or fade. 
PVC shutters provide insulation benefits and with the versatile option of a split tilt, you can open the top section of the blades to let in light whilst the bottom section stays closed for privacy. Plantation shutters will also completely transform your kitchen adding instant style and sophistication. Beauty and practicality in the one hit!

 Transform your open-plan kitchen with curtains

Perfect for kitchens adjacent open plan living areas, our S-fold sheer curtains add a luxurious yet relaxed look and are guaranteed to soften and instantly transform the look of any room.It is important to consider the drop effect (finish) if using sheers near your kitchen. For practicality, a hover finish (where the curtain sits above the floor) is great for cleaning and also convenient if your curtains are placed over an exit door.

 So, if you've got a kitchen that could benefit from a refresh, let us help you! The DIY process is easy to follow, and it will make a world of difference to your home, we promise.

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