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Open up a world of possibilities with motorised curtain tracks.

Motorising your curtains will enable you to take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort, whilst saving money on your energy bills. At iseekblinds we have the right products, solutions and information to guide you on your motorisation journey. Featuring quiet operation with a bi-directional motor, our motorised tracks enable you to select different operational speeds and operation via a remote control or through the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub. As an added bonus, these curtain motors have a Soft Touch feature which enables manual operation if ever needed. The levelling control allows for precise positioning of individual or multiple curtains, ensuring perfect alignment every time. A favourite position can be pre-set and recalled for simple and quick operation. How’s that for convenience?

By getting your DIY on, you’ll be amazed at the savings!



About our Motorised Curtain Tracks

Product Features:

  • Operated via a 240V ARC drapery motor, with either remote or hand-touch operation
  • Available with centre-open or one-way draw opening types
  • Available for sheer, blockout and room darkening curtains
  • Available for both ceiling and wall-mount options
  • Available for both s-fold and pencil pleat heading types
  • Available in white only
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Opening Options & Drop Effects

Consider the best opening option for your window. Should you go for a centre-open, free-floating or a one-way stack?

And what about drop effects? Curtains can be hung in a number of different ways depending on the look you want to create

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Mounting Options

There are two options available to you when considering the mounting of your curtains. Ceiling mounting your curtains will instantly add grandeur and height to your rooms and enable floor to ceiling coverage. Alternatively, go for a wall mount

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We have hand-selected four of the most popular styles across Sheers, Blockout and Room Darkening fabrics.

Find out more below and order your free samples too!

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