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Open up a world of possibilities with motorised blinds and curtains.

Automating your roller blinds and curtains will enable you to take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort, whilst saving money on your energy bills. Future proof your home now by starting your smart home automation journey with iseekblinds. We are here to assist you and show you just how easy it is.

Find out more on how to install, set up and operate your smart home automation below.

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Integration & Connectivity Components

Step 1: Automate Paradigm 15 Channel ARC Remote

We all start from the same place with the same motors and remote controls. Remote controls enable us to program the motors, set favourite positions for our blinds and group blinds on one channel in the same room for convenience.

With a handy and discreet wall unit, the remote will never get lost and is fundamental for the initial pairing and set up of all motor blinds.

This solution is great, easy to use and works for everyone. And up until a year ago, was the only option for controlling your motorised roller blinds.

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Step 2: Automate Pulse WiFi Hub & Smart Phone Apps

Take advantage of the full features ARC has to offer with Automate PULSE. Whether you are at home or away you can accurately control your blinds via the animated interface on your smartphone. Bi-directional communication allows you to visualise the exact positioning of your internal blinds whilst also allowing you to check the battery health of your wirefree motors. Getting started is simple via the easy to follow setup wizard. Create rooms, set timers & scenes for optimum comfort and allow Automate PULSE to take control. Installers can also take advantage of the convenient remote free setup to efficiently set motor limits with their smart phone.

The Automate Pulse 2 Wifi hub seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit making Smart Home Automation easy, accessible and affordable!

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Already have motorised blinds?

The Automate Pulse 2 works with all existing Roller Blind 12v Automate Li-ion Arc wireless battery motors, the Automate 240v roller blind motors and our Motorised Curtain tracks for a complete integrated home solution for all your window coverings.

Automate Pulse2 WiFi hub 

The Pulse 2 Wifi hub is now available to order via the  Spare Parts > Motor Accessories  menu.


Step 3: Home device integration

The new generation Automate Pulse 2 wifi hub from Rollease Acmeda is now available via our Spare Parts menu. 

This new sleek design connects to home networks to unlock the luxury of automated blind control. Experience customisation with scene and timer options as well as voice control via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Download the Automate App for all andriod phone, tablets and iOS devices (including Apple watches and iPads) to control your blinds whether you're at home or away. 

With a simple 3-step set-up, there is no need to complicate things:

1. Power on.
2. Download the App.
3. Connect & Enjoy.

iseekblinds always recommend a remote control when ordering motorised blinds as the remote control is the most effective and easiest way to pair your motors and is always handy to have as a backup solution.

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Step 4: IFTTT

"If This Then That" (IFTTT) is a free online service that enables you to create chains of simple conditional statements singularly or for multiple actions at the one time - called applets.

Put simply, if you are already using Alexa or Google Home voice activation to control your blinds, IFTTT simply provides additional triggers above and beyond voice service capabilities, including activating scenes, rooms, or devices that are configured on the Automate Pulse Hub. Whichever home automation scenario you think of, chances are IFTTT makes it possible.

IFTTT Set-Up Guide


Step 5: Smart Home Automation Systems

Premium and advanced Smart Automation Home controls are evolving - think Control 4, Elan, Savant and Crestron.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months to take your home automation to superior levels.

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Additional Components

USB Repeater Pack

When the distance between your WiFi hub and motorised blind is a little far, our USB repeater comes into it's own. Designed to extend your connectivity range by up to 40 metres, it provides the perfect solution for large or double-storey homes.


  • Place between your blind motor and Wifi hub to extend the range
  • Comes with a USB stick and a power adaptor

USB Repeater Diagram

Everyday low prices: USB Repeater Pack from $89.00

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