Open up a world of possibilities with motorised roller blinds! Motorising your roller blinds will enable you to take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort, whilst saving money on your energy bills.

And with motorisation starting at just $129, it is more affordable than you think. 

As a specialist in the field, we have the right products, solutions and information to guide you on your motorisation and automation journeys. Using market-leading technology from Rollease-Acmeda, not only are we providing our customers with the best quality product available, but are able to access a wealth of resources to help you along your way.

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Automate Pulse2 WiFi hub 

Unfortunately our supplier, Rollease Acmeda, are still experiencing delays with the release of their new WiFi hub.
This means that we are yet to secure stock and have it available for you, our valued customers, to purchase.
We thankyou for your continued patience and understanding. As soon as it arrives we will share the news with you via email and our socials.
It will also be available to order via the spare parts menu on our website. 

iseekblinds always recommend a remote control when ordering motorised blinds. The remote control is the most effective and easiest way
to program your motors and is always handy to have as a backup solution.

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Roller Blind Motors & Components


Automate Li-ion Arc Wireless 12V rechargeable battery motors

Automate Li-ion Arc motors are a wire-free solution allowing for proficient motorisation of internal roller blinds, eliminating the need for any expensive electrical wiring. 

How do they work?
Ultra-quiet, rechargeable and battery-powered, these motors are installed within the tube of your roller blinds. Simply install the blinds & pair the motors to the remote to start controlling them immediately.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Slim motor header design means minimal light-gaps and a secured antenna cable
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance
  • Battery check action with one touch of the remote
  • Easily set limits and adjust as required
  • Levelling control - achieve precise positioning of multiple blinds in perfect alignment
  • Adjustable speed - 3 operational speed settings
  • All motors come fully charged with your roller blinds. This charge should last on average for 6 months/500 cycles* if used once a day.
  • Recharge via a plug-in charger (micro-USB for Q1.1 and Q2.0 motors) 
  • 5 year full replacement warranty
*A cycle is defined as a full up and down positioning of the blind

Everyday low prices:

  • Automate Wire Free Li-ion Zero Q1.1 Motor:  $129.00 (for blinds 650 mm - 1850mm in width)
  • Automate Wire Free Li-ion Zero Q2.0 Motor:  $149.00 (for blinds 1851 mm - 3000mm in width)
  • Automate Wire-Free Li-ion 3.0 Nm Motor $189.00 (for blinds 3000mm+ in width)

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Automate E6 240V Motor

The Automate 240v motors is hardwired directly into your home via a tail, eliminating the need to recharge your motors as they are wired directly into the mains power of your house. 

How does it work?
These motors are installed within the tubes of your blinds, and are hardwired directly into your mains power via a tail. After you have installed your blinds, simply connect the motor lead into the tail for instant power. 


  • Low-noise operation
  • Slim motor header design means minimal light-gaps
  • Easily set limits and adjust as required
  • Levelling control - achieve precise positioning of multiple blinds in perfect alignment
  • Operate via a remote control and/or smart home integration
*Special note: This motor has 3 wires, and our motor tails have 4 wires. When hardwiring in, please ask your electrciain to ignore the black wire. 


  • For new builds, you can purchase the 240v tails from our spare parts list and have them installed at frame stage. This is an easy way to ensure the installation of your motorised roller blinds is a breeze when the house is finished
  • For established houses, it is more complex and advised that you enlist the help of a professional electrician to do the hard wiring required
  • An electrician is required to install these motor options 
  • 240v tails sold separately - please order these off the Spare Parts list here

Everyday low prices: 240V Motor: $149.00 (for blinds 680mm+ in width)

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Automate Paradigm 15 Channel ARC Remote

The same remote can control single or multiple blinds in different zones within the same room. With this new design, programming has never been easier! The 15-channel remote is so simple to program for a single blind or for multiple blinds.


  • Touch-sensitive functionality
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Self-levelling feature on the side
  • Simple programming
  • Easily pair the motor to your remote
  • Set and adjust top & bottom limits as required
  • Adjust the speed of your motors
  • Set individual blinds to each channel
  • Group blinds together for the ultimate in convenience
  • Comes complete with a magnetic wall mount
  • Once you have completed programming your remote, simply copy this information straight into the Automate Pulse Wifi Hub.

Everyday low prices: Automate Paradigm 15 Channel ARC Remote from $69.00

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Plug-in battery charger

Recharge your battery with a simple battery charger (similar to a mobile phone charger) – only 1 required per household as you can move it around the room to charge each blind.


  • 4 meter long lead makes reaching your power source easier
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long lasting for added convenience and hidden within the motor
  • All motors are fully charged before they leave our warehouse, meaning they will last a long time before charging is required
  • The built-in cycles* the motors can do before needing to be recharged are:
    • Automate Wire Free Li-ion Zero Q1.1 Motor - Approx. 240 cycles / 6 months
    • Automate Wire Free Li-ion Zero Q2.0 Motor - Approx 350 cycles / 9 months
    • Automate Wire-Free Li-ion 3.0 Nm Motor - Approx 440 cycles / 12 months

*A cycle is defined as a full up and down positioning of the blind.

Everyday low prices: Plug-in Battery Charger from $45.00

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Solar Panel V2 charger

The Automate Li-ion Solar Panel V2 provides an additional charging method and supplemental power to all Automate Li-ion wire-free motors.


  • Efficient and autonomous energy harvesting capability for completely wire-free operation
  • Crystal technology substantially increases solar ray absorption and efficiency of power conversion
  • Sleek design allows for unobtrusive placement behind most headrails
  • Low light harvesting technology supports power generation even in low-light conditions
  • Bypass diodes ensure a continuous stream of power, even if small sections of the panel are obstructed
  • 1 x Solar Panel required per each motor
  • Dimenions: 320mm x 69mm
Everyday low prices: Solar Panel Charger from $89.00

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USB Repeater Pack

When the distance between your WiFi hub and motorised blind is a little far, our USB repeater comes into it's own. Designed to extend your connectivity range by up to 40 metres, it provides the perfect solution for large or double-storey homes.


  • Place between your blind motor and Wifi hub to extend the range
  • Comes with a USB stick and a power adaptor

USB Repeater Diagram

Everyday low prices: USB Repeater Pack from $89.00

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Extension Leads

If additional length is required to connect your motor to either the Plugin Charger or the Solar Panel, select from our 1220mm or 2440mm leads.
*Please note the Automate Wire-Free Li-ion Zero 1.1 and 2.0 motors come with a 4m long charging lead. Consider this when ordering. 

Everyday low prices:

  • 1220mm lead from $15.00
  • 2440mm lead from: $20.00

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240V Motor Tails

Building a new house? Purchase your 240v motor tails now and install them at frame stage. This will make installation a breeze when you receive your new blinds.

Everyday low prices: 240V Motor Tails from $10.00

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