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Curtain Blockout & Room Darkening Fabrics

Keeping it simple, iseekblinds has selected 3 stunning ranges of Blockout and Room Darkening fabrics to pair with your S-fold sheers or hang as a stand-alone drape. These ranges offer numerous options to deliver the look you see in high-end decorator magazines at a fraction of the price!   

Choose from coloured plain lining fabrics or select our designer style Linen-look Tulsa. All our curtains are custom made to your exact specifications and come complete with either S-Fold or Gathered headings.  The S-Fold heading will ensure your curtains hang beautifully for an outstanding result.  Whilst the Gathered heading with its compactly sewn narrow pleats is the perfect accompaniment if pairing with an S-Fold Sheer to ensure your curtains stay as close to the wall as possible.

Consider a Ceiling mount to add elegance and height to your rooms.  You can also pair a blockout curtain with a sunscreen Roller blind to soften the overall look of your interiors whilst ensuring the light control you are after.  

Fabric Range Introduction 

What's the difference between Blockout & Room Darkening fabrics?

Michael takes you through the difference between a room darkening fabric (up to 95 % room darkening) vs a blockout fabric (100% blockout) and demonstrates the amount of light that can come through for each range.  He describes the benefits of a triple weave fabric and points out the importance of understanding what your curtain will look like from both inside and outside your home.  Michael takes you through each of the blockout and room darkening fabric ranges available on the iseekblinds website.

Room Darkening Triple Weave Fabrics

  • Offer up to 95% room darkness
  • Technically advanced textiles that won't perish overtime in the sun - long lifespan
  • Drape beautifully and maintain softness indefinitely
  • Low VOCs
  • Excellent for heat & cold insulation
  • Sound absorbent
  • Mould & Mildew resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Are great as a stand alone drape or as a lining paired with a sheer curtain
  • Work beautifully with all  heading styles
  • Can be washed

Blockout Fabrics

  • Offer 100% blockout.
  • Coated fabric
Pin Holing - Please note blockout fabrics have a coated backing. This can show pin holes due to the sewing if the hem is positioned directly over the light. Pin holing is considered normal for these fabrics.

The iseekblinds Curtain Sample Collection

Make the right fabric and colour selection for your rooms.  Confidently measure and install your curtains like a pro with the iseekblinds Curtain Collection Sample Kits.  

There are 3 Collections to choose from :

  • The Sheer Curtain Collection
  • The Blockout Curtain Collection
  • The Complete Curtain Collection

The sample kits contain a full hanger for each of the fabric ranges as well as examples of the tracks and brackets. So not only can you make the right decision about which fabric and colour will best suit your interior decor with the extra large sample sizes, but these kits will also ensure you understand the How to Measure process making DIY easy! Utilising the sample tracks with the S-fold tape already fitted, you can see exactly where to place your curtain tracks and understand the clearance required for your windows and doors for a professional end result.

A true "try before you buy" experience, our new Curtain Sample Collection will be sent to you via courier to you to enable you to make a super easy and informed choice from the comfort of your own home. When you have finished with the kit, simply email iseekblinds and we will arrange to collect it.  

There is a $60 charge to order these kits, however, included in your kit will be a promo code for $60. Simply enter this code when you place your curtain order to receive a $60 discount off your purchase.

Click here to order a Curtain Sample Collection Kit

Precision Colour Swatch


100% Blockout, Coated back, Coloured Lining

From $325.74 

Maximum drop 2650 mm.

A simple but stunning blockout fabric, Precision will completely block the light for a great nights sleep or media room.  The perfect choice to pair with any S-Fold sheer or hang as a stand alone drape.

Precision will expertly complete any room, offering a balanced variety of colours for endless choice.  Precision fabric is UPF 50+ resistant

  • 17 contemporary colours
  • Coated back for Blockout properties
  • Improved insulation and noise reduction
  • UPF 50+ resistant
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Anti-creasing
  • Colour fade resistant
  • 100% Polyester    
  • Fire rated


Click here to order a Curtain Sample Collection Kit

Sumo Colour Swatch



Up to 95% blockout, Triple weave, Coloured lining

From $325.74

Maximum drop 3150 mm.

An innovative, multi-purpose curtaining material, Sumo is available for longer drops up to 3150mm.

A beautifully soft fabric, Sumo will sit perfectly behind a sheer or work well as a stand-alone drape.  The fact the Sumo is a triple woven textile means it will improve insulation and noise reduction, as well as act as a room darkening fabric.  Fire retardant, Sumo comes in 7 of the most popular contemporary versatile colours

  • 7 contemporary colours
  • Great for high ceilings, catering for drops up to 3150mm
  • Triple Weave textile
  • Great as a stand-alone curtain or the perfect accompaniment to S-Fold Sheers
  • Room darkening fabric
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Anti-creasing
  • Improves insulation and noise reduction
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash or dry clean
  • Fire retardant


Click here to order a Curtain Sample Collection Kit

Tulsa Colour Swatch


Up to 95% blockout, Triple weave, Linen look

From $376.72

Maximum drop 2850 mm

Tulsa is a versatile, soft, triple weave, linen look fabric ideal for stand-alone drapery.

Perfect for room darkening as well as offering acoustic and thermal properties.  With an extensive palette offering 15 top selling colours, Tulsa can easily be incorporated into any interior theme.

  • Linen Look
  • Triple Weave fabric
  • 15 colours
  • Room Darkening
  • Acoustic and thermal properties
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Anti-creasing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fire retardant


Click here to order a Curtain Sample Collection Kit

Curtains Product Care

Easy care cleaning! Great if you have children or pets, our polyester sheers are perfect for easy cleaning.

Spot Cleaning

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible.

Gently scrape any soil or mop any liquid from the surface of the fabric.

Never use abrasive products or solvents / industrial based cleaners

If commercial spot cleaners are used, they must first be tested and allowed to dry on an inconspicuous area, to ensure compatibility.


Some fabrics may be hand washed. Do not rub or wring.

Dissolve detergent prior to wash.

Machine wash load not more than 50% capacity.

Use a gentle cycle 60c (max), gentle spin.

Use at least three rinses and rinse temperature should be 10-12 degrees below the previous process.

Dry cleanable.

Use warm hand iron.

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