Fabrics: Sheer Curtains, Blockout & Room Darkening

Keeping it simple, iseekblinds has hand-selected four of the most popular fabrics for Sheer, Blockout and Room Darkening curtains. Carefully considered,  our range of beautiful fabrics will complement various interior styles from modern through to classic.

We manufacture our curtains here in Melbourne to meticulous standards, and with a fullness of 200% for our S-Fold heading. This means the fabric width is  2× the length of the track, giving volume and depth to the fabric when hung, resulting in a beautiful finish.

We offer free samples to ensure you make the right choice. Take a look at our range below. 

By getting your DIY on, you'll be amazed at the savings!

*Note: Order your Curtains by November 18th to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.   


Sheer Fabrics
  • Instantly modernise your rooms
  • Add a luxurious feel
  • Softens & lets in natural light
  • Retain your view during the day
  • Daytime privacy
  • Pair with a Blockout Roller blind for nighttime privacy
  • Fire rated
Room Darkening Fabrics
  • Up to 95% room darkening
  • Day & nighttime privacy
  • Triple Weave fabrics
  • Technically advanced textiles that won't perish overtime in the sun – long lifespan
  • Drape beautifully and maintain softness indefinitely
  • Excellent for heat & cold insulation
  • Sound absorbent
  • Mould & Mildew resistant
  • Low VOCs
  • Flame retardant
Blockout Fabrics
  • 100% Blackout
  • Nighttime privacy
  • Ideal for bedrooms & media rooms
  • Pair with a Sunscreen Roller blind for daytime privacy
  • UPF 50+ Protects floor & furnishings from harmful UV rays
  • Energy efficient insulation properties
  • Improves sound absorption for noise reduction
  • Keep your rooms cooler in summer & warm in winter
  • Fire rated


Sheer Fabrics

Bali (Sheer)

Modern linen look, ideal for high ceilings and large spaces
From $325.74 | Maximum drop 3200mm

A beautiful sheer offering a modern linen look, Bali is effortlessly elegant. Bali’s voile like texture will add a gentle, soft floatiness to any room.

With an extensive colour palette, Bali’s max drop of 3200mm is perfect for curtains requiring a longer drop. All of our curtains are made in a continuous fashion, meaning the curtain is made out of the one piece of material so no joins or panels, for superb drape-ability. Colour fade resistant, Bali has a self-weighted hem for an all round stunning result.

Available colours: Black, Thunder, Ash, Cloud, Blush, Snow, Pearl

  • Linen look voile
  • Extensive colour range
  • Gentle, soft and floaty
  • Caters for longer drops up to 3200mm
  • Ideal as a ceiling mount
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Anti-creasing
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Lead weighted hem
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fire rated
  • Handwash or dry clean


Mystique (Sheer)

Genuine 'Linen Look' | All the luxury of linen with the practicality of polyester
From $414.39 | Maximum drop 2900mm

For many years designers and manufacturers have looked to imitate linen with synthetic fibres, mainly polyester, and there have been some quite good ones. However, the designers at Sonata have come up with a special textured polyester and a unique lightly crushed finishing technique which really does look like genuine linen.

A stunning and unique sheer fabric, Mystique is an ideal fabric to use on its own or in conjunction with roller blinds to enhance your décor and acoustics.

The polyester construction and special finish has created a fabric which is not only very cost effective but also amazingly durable and able to take our unique Australian conditions, something pure linen sheer fabrics are unable to do.

With a palette offering a contemporary yet timeless appeal, it comes with a self-weighted hem.

Colours available: White, Antique White, Linen, Seaspray, Light Grey, Ash, Slate, Licorice.

  • Cost effective luxury solution
  • Look and feel of linen
  • Durability for Australian conditions
  • 8 contemporary & classic colours
  • Self-weighted hem
  • Will instantly modernise any room
  • Superb drapeability
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Anti-creasing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Exclusive to iseekblinds


Room Darkening Fabrics

Tulsa (Room Darkening)

Up to 95% blockout, Triple weave, Linen look
From $376.72 | Maximum drop 2850mm

Tulsa is a versatile, soft, triple weave, linen look fabric ideal for stand-alone drapery. Perfect for room darkening as well as offering acoustic and thermal properties. With an extensive palette offering 15 top selling colours, Tulsa can easily be incorporated into any interior theme.

Colours available: Thunder, Pewter, Smoke, Raisin, Dune & Natural

  • Linen Look
  • Triple Weave fabric
  • 6 colours
  • Room Darkening
  • Acoustic and thermal properties
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Anti-creasing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fire retardant


Blockout Fabrics

Weylands (Blockout)

100% Blockout | Organic look | White coated back
From $376.72 | Maximum drop 2650 mm

Weylands is a brand new release from Maurice Kain. An organic look, giving the effect of a linen fabric with all the ease of polyester.

The 3-pass blockout coating not only delivers 100% blockout but also the highest rating of UPF50+ making it a safe choice for all domestic applications.

Featuring 10 stunning contemporary colours from cool whites, through to greys and browns, the fabric delivers a gorgeous linen look ideal for stand-alone drapery.

Easily incorporated into any interior theme, Weylands blockout fabric also offers acoustic and thermal properties.

Colours available: Carbon, Steel, Granite, Tranquil, Feather, Shell, Birch, Snow, Stone, Linen

  • 3-pass blockout coating
  • UPF 50+ resistant
  • Organic feel, Linen look effect
  • 10 contemporary colours
  • Coated back for Blockout properties
  • Improved insulation and noise reduction
  • Superb drape-ability
  • Colour fade resistant
  • Fire rated
  • 100% Polyester



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