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Curtain Sheers

Choose a 'Linen' or 'Luxe' look.

Keeping it simple, iseekblinds has selected the two best selling sheer curtains from Warwick Fabrics.  These ranges offer numerous options enabling everyone to showcase beautiful, decorative fabrics in their own home at a great affordable price point.

Anti creasing and colour fade resistant with self weighted hems, both of these sheers will deliver the look you see in high end decorator magazines at a fraction of the price! 

Consider a Top Fix to add elegance and height to your rooms.  Pair with Roller blinds to soften the overall look of your interiors whilst ensuring the light control you are after.  


Create the 'Linen Look'.

A proven best seller within the iseekblinds portfolio, Chios is woven with two yarn colours to offer all the advantages of a two-toned linen look. This means you won't end up with a block of colour which can be difficult to co ordinate.  Chios provides great versatility when it comes to matching colours and textures for your interiors as well as creating a lovely interest to the fabric when it is hanging.  With a self weighted hem and an S-Fold track, the overall look is stunning!

Chios Colour range

Chios Sheer Colour wheel

Two-toned 'Linen look' 
Cost effective luxury solution 
Will instantly modernise any room 
Superb drape-ability 
Colour fade resistant 
Anti creasing

Hera - NEW

Create the 'Luxe Look'.

The newest addition to the iseekblinds sheer curtain range, Hera is the perfect decorator blend thanks to its Stree-yay weave. Stee-yay weave creates subtle lines through the fabric, ensuring the look is not too shiny and not too flat.  With a gorgeous colour pallet showcasing the most popular colours, Hera hangs beautifully adding a light and floaty softness to any room.  Instantly transform your rooms and deliver a high end look at a super affordable price point.

Hera Colour Range

Hera Sheer Curtains Colour Wheel                    

Create the Luxe look 
Stunning stree-yay weave 
Self weighted hemline 
Beautiful drape-ability 
Adds a light and floaty softness to any room 
Colour fade resistant 
Anti crease

NEW Sample format for Curtains 

The iseekblinds Curtain Sample Collection features a full size hanger for each our ranges - Choose between our new 'Luxe' fabrics in the Hera range or the 'Linen look' in the Chios range.  

Make a confident decision about which fabric and colour will best suit your interior decor with the extra large sample sizes -  just as if you had your own personal interior designer!  

Chios and Hera Curtain sample fabrics

A true "try before you buy" experience, our new Curtain Sample Collection will be Express posted to you to enable you to make a super easy and informed choice from the comfort of your own home.  Each Collection comes with a return postage bag included. There is a $50 charge to order one of these, with a $25 refund* (covering postage & handling) upon return of the hangers to iseekblinds. Or order both for $100, with a $75 refund upon the return of the hangers to iseekblinds.

Easy care cleaning! Great if you have children or pets, our Warwick Fabric linen-look polyester sheers are perfect for easy-cleaning.

Spot Cleaning

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible.

Gently scrape any soil or mop any liquid from the surface of the fabric.

Never use abrasive products or solvents / industrial based cleaners

If commercial spot cleaners are used, they must first be tested and allowed to dry on an inconspicuous area, to ensure compatibility.


Some fabrics may be hand washed. Do not rub or wring.

Dissolve detergent prior to wash.

Machine wash load not more than 50% capacity.

Use a gentle cycle 60c (max), gentle spin.

Use at least three rinses and rinse temperature should be 10-12 degrees below the previous process.

Dry cleanable.

Use warm hand iron.

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