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Sheer Curtains

Curtains are back! If you are looking to change or update your interiors, sheer curtains are a great way to start the inspiration flowing. Working in conjunction with the expertise of Warwick Fabrics & Sonata Furnishings, we have selected a stunning range of sheer curtains offering numerous options enabling everyone to showcase beautiful, decorative fabrics in their own home at a great affordable price point. Anti creasing and colour fade resistant with self weighted hems, these sheer ranges will deliver the look you see in high end decorator magazines at a fraction of the price! Consider a 'top fix' to add elegance and height to your rooms.  Alternatively pair with roller blinds to soften the overall look of your interiors whilst retaining light control.  All of our curtains are custom made for a superb quality finish.  For those of you who are after an S-Fold track only, you can now also purchase these direct from iseekblinds. In the video below, Michael introduces our two Curtain programs. 1. 'Complete Sheer Curtain program' & 2. 'S-Fold Tracks Only' program.

Click here for Complete Sheer Curtains program                                                   Click here for the S-Fold Tracks only program



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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When an S-Fold curtain is in the open position, the fabric stack is approximately 30% of the total width of the fabric.

  • Yes, specifically a stack width is an important consideration when measuring for an Outside mounted curtain. Ideally you want to ensure as much of the stack as possible sits off the window and against the wall to avoid obstructing your light and view.

  • Yes. Iseekblinds custom make the s-fold tracks right here in Melbourne. These tracks are sold as individual items. Simply select ‘Track only’ when you are placing your order.

  • A top fix bracket is attached to the ceiling, adding elegance and height to your rooms. It is especially popular when pairing curtain sheers with inside mounted block out roller blinds. Face fix means the bracket is attached directly to the wall above the window.

  • Curtains can be hung is a number of different ways depending on the effect you are trying to create. There are 3 main ways to consider which drop is right for you. 1. ‘Breaking’ – add additional length to your curtain so that it ‘breaks’ gently over the floor. This will create a sense of luxury and grandness 2. ‘Hover’ – the curtain hovers just above the floor. Useful if you are placing furniture in front of the window such as a couch or a bed. 3. ‘Just touching’ the floor – the curtain just touches to the floor for a completed look.

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