A note regarding Delivery Insurance

By Michael Gubby 

With prejudice

The transport industry regards the freight that iSeekBlinds sends as ‘ugly freight’ or un-sortable.  

Our products can't be packed into small square boxes to move automatically down a conveyor belt, be automatically scanned and loaded directly onto a truck.

Due to the size and shape of roller blinds, pelmets, curtain tracks, curtains & plantation shutters, once these products have been wrapped securely they then need to be packaged into long boxes or large flat rectangular boxes - which means our freight requires manual handling. 

This then means that the freight must be scanned manually, loaded onto a truck by hand, unloaded off a truck by hand, placed in the un-sortable section of the holding depot, sorted again by hand, manually moved to the correct truck and finally loaded onto the truck delivering to your home.

So depending on where you live, your packages could change hands several times.  The more hands that touch the freight and the more depots that the freight travels through, increases the risk of stock being damaged or declared missing.

We only work with freight companies who take the safe delivery of our goods seriously.  Therefore, missing or damaged stock is a rare occurrence, but every now and then it does happen.  If you have agreed to take out Delivery Insurance, your products are then covered under our insurance policy and will be replaced in full at no extra cost if they are damaged or lost.   If you decide to opt out of the Delivery Insurance, you do so at your own risk.  Should there be any damages or missing boxes, iSeekBlinds will not be liable or responsible in any way for loss or replacement of goods.

In the case of missing stock

All our goods are dispatched with tracking numbers.  However, when an order is not delivered in the standard period of time, we then liaise with the courier company to try and find out where the goods are.

The courier companies conduct a full depot search from the last known location.  Additional depots are then also searched.  Should the packages still not be found after a period of approx. 2 – 4 weeks, we receive the below standard reply from the courier company.

 Dear Sir / Madam 

 With Prejudice

 We refer to your claim of freight allegedly damaged/lost in transit.

 Whilst we regretting the inconvenience caused, we must decline liability in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of the contract.

 May we respectfully suggest that you refer this matter to your own insurance company.

 Should your insurance company require any further information we will be pleased to be of assistance.

 Your faithfully.... 

When you check your order out through the iSeekBlinds website you are openly and transparently made an offer from iSeekBlinds for the specific purpose of delivery insurance.

This insurance option is automatically ticked and you must untick this box if you do not want the insurance which is 2.5 % of your purchase price. Once clicking off this box, a pop up will appear confirming and informing you of the consequences of your actions, which I will explain below.

 Whilst you are protected under consumer law regarding your purchase from iSeekBlinds, the contract that you enter into once you purchase your blinds includes this option for delivery insurance, hence your choice for insurance also forms part of this contract. You then also agree to accept our terms and conditions thus making delivery insurance part of our contract.

What happens if you take the insurance

That becomes a very pleasant phone call, because at no cost to you whatsoever, in the event of your blinds being declared missing after full depot search or damaged, iSeekBlinds will immediately repair/remake any blinds to your complete satisfaction. This will be done as quickly as possible and the work order will take priority. The stock will be sent to you and will also be covered by delivery insurance. (we hope it doesn't happen twice).

What happens if you do not take the delivery insurance.

You do so at your own risk.

 iSeekBlinds will accept no liability for loss of damage during transit.

You may however call us and let us know what has happened and we will recommend to you the best solution to repair your blinds / thus making parts available or that the blind must be re ordered. Any costs associating to this will be your responsibility and standard charges will apply including the cost of delivery and freight insurance.

 You do not have the right to

Write or call in a threatening or abusive fashion and make us responsible for your actions, or write damaging Product Reviews as a result of your decision to not take out the Delivery Insurance.  Remember this was your choice.  

iSeekBlinds makes other choices available to you such as pick up, or you can arrange your own transport if you choose. If you do enter into a contract with other courier company we suggest that you carefully check the terms and conditions of sale and take any insurance option available to you.

iSeekBlinds offers you this insurance option to protect itself financially in the event of missing or damaged stock and if you choose to take our insurance then you are also protected. 

 As I explained above, the instance of missing or damaged stock is rare, but it can happen.

 It is your choice to take this insurance and I personally hope that you do. You never know when you will need it.

Yours sincerely, 

Michael Gubby


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