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How to Measure

DIY made easy!

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Track Widths

Minimum Width (mm)Minimum Drop (mm) SheersMinimum Drop (mm) Blockout & Room Darkening

Minimum width: 600 mm 

Minimum width: 600 mm 

Minimum drop: 600 mm

Maximum width: (mm)Maximum Drop (mm) SheersMaximum Drop (mm) Blockout & Room Darkening

Maximum width: 6000 mm

Please note long length surcharges will apply to freight if the track is 2800 mm or greater.  

See delivery details for more information

Maximum drop: 2900 mm - Chios & Kasos 

Maximum drop: 3200 mm - Bali and Supremo 

Maximum drop: 2650 mm - Precision Blockout 

Maximum drop: 2850 mm - Tulsa Room Darkening

Maximum Drop: 3150 mm - Sumo Room Darkening

Getting Started

Curtain Collection Sample Kits 

Confidently measure and install your curtains like a pro with the iseekblinds Curtain Collection Sample Kits.  

There are 3 Collections to choose from :

  • The Sheer Curtain Collection
  • The Blockout Curtain Collection
  • The Complete Curtain Collection

The sample kits contain a full hanger for each of the fabric ranges as well as examples of the tracks and brackets. So not only can you make the right decision about which fabric and colour will best suit your interior decor with the extra large sample sizes, but these kits will also ensure you understand the How to Measure process making DIY easy! Utilising the sample tracks with the S-fold tape already fitted, you can see exactly where to place your curtain tracks and understand the clearance required for your windows and doors for a professional end result.

A true "try before you buy" experience, our new Curtain Sample Collection will be sent to you via courier to you to enable you to make a super easy and informed choice from the comfort of your own home. When you have finished with the kit, simply email iseekblinds and we will arrange to collect it.  

There is a $60 charge to order these kits, however, included in your kit will be a promo code for $60. Simply enter this code when you place your curtain order to receive a $60 discount off your purchase.

Curtain Sample Collection Kit

Curtain Check Measure Work Sheets

Before you start measuring, print off our Curtains Check Measure Worksheets to record your measurements.

These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to order your Sheer or Blockout Curtains.  When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form.  Easy!

Check Measure Worksheet - Double Curtains

Check Measure Worksheet - Single Curtains

How to Measure

Click here to view the How to Video Series

How to Measure Videos

How to Measure - Width

The width you enter when placing your order will be the total width of your tracks.

Decide where you would like to position your curtain tracks. 

Width - for Sheer Curtains.  

Ensure you balance the sheer equally on either side of the window or door.  Michael recommends approx. 100mm overlap on either side.

Width - for Blockout Curtains

The stack width is approx. 1/3 the width of the track.  

Consider your track placement and overall width to try and place as much of the stack as possible onto the wall.  This will free up your glass and allow for more view and natural light.

Measuring Ceiling Mount - Cornices

If you are measuring wall to wall, you may need to consider the cornices. The width of the track will need to be measured between the cornices.  

Michael's tip - When you are taking that measurement, just give yourself about 5mm clearance on either side.

Measure the Drop

The drop that your order is the final drop including the height of the track.

Consider your Drop Effects (see below) and don't make any deductions.

Measuring for a Ceiling Mount

Select either Curved Track x 2 or Standard Track x 2

The track is attached to the ceiling. 

Measure from the ceiling down to where you would like the curtain to finish.  

Measuring for a Wall Mount

Select either Standard Track x 2 or Round Track x 1 (Front track) & Standard Track x 1 (Rear track)

The track is attached to the face of the wall. 

Measure from the top of where the brackets are going to be placed (top of the track), to where you would like the curtain to finish. 

Avoid placing your track directly above the window frame. By attaching the track higher up you will elongate your space, making your rooms appear taller.

Double brackets are adjustable up to 90mm clearance in total.  

Michael's tip - Make sure your floor coverings have been installed, or allow for the floor coverings when measuring the drop size

For more information on Track Styles & Brackets click here


        Hover                     Just Touching

 Breaking gently

Drop Effects

Curtains can be hung in a number of different ways depending on the effect you are looking to create.  


The curtain 'hovers' just above the floor.  A couple of centimetres above the floor will make cleaning easier.  It can also be practical if this curtain is positioned over an exit door or furniture is going to be placed in front of the window. Measure down to the floor.

Just touching

The curtain just touches the floor for a completed look.  Measure approx. 10 mm above the floor.

'Breaking' gently

To create a sense of luxury and grandeur, add additional length to your curtain so that it ‘breaks’ gently over the floor.  Measure down to the floor and add another 30 - 50mm to your finished drop size

*Don’t take any deductions.

Heading Type

Double Curtains 

In a double curtain format, the Blockout or Room Darkening curtain will sit at the rear and always be made with a Gathered heading.  The Sheer curtain will sit in the front and always be made with an S-Fold heading.

Sheer curtains

All our Sheer curtains are custom made with a 75mm S-fold heading tape.  This Curtain will sit at the front.

Blockout or Room Darkening Curtains

In a Double curtain format, the Blockout or Room Darkening curtain will always be made in a Gathered heading.  This curtain will sit at the rear


If you are an existing customer, please note we have changed our S-Fold heading tape from 25mm to 75mm.  If you are ordering additional curtains for your home and would like the 25mm tape to match existing sheers, please write this in the notes section when you place your order. 

For more information on Heading Types click here


        LH Stack                    RH Stack


    Center Open                Free Floating

Opening Options

Left-hand stack, Right-hand stack, Centre Open or Free Floating

Ensure you select the opening option that follows the flow of your windows and doors for a great outcome.

For more information on Opening Options click here

Wand control size 

To control your curtain, you will receive a clear acrylic wand available in 4 sizes. 

The Wand is fitted to the top of the track. Measure your wand size from the track down. 

Then select the size that suits your needs as you proceed through the order process. 

Double Curtains

2 x wands will be provided for a Left-Hand or Right-Hand stack.  4 x wands are provided for a centre or free floating opening.  

Wand Sizes:

750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm

Corner Windows

To ensure the best possible outcome, use the sample tracks provided in the Curtains sample kits.

Fitted with all the bracket options and S-fold tape, you will be able to understand exactly where to place your tracks.

Using two track samples, hold them in the corner and adjust the brackets to suit your requirements.  

Mark the wall at the ends of the track so you can see where one will finish and where the next one starts.

We are here to help

If you have any additional questions or a specific requirement for your window, you can call the team at iseekblinds on 1300 664 257, send us a  Quick Enquiry or for those tricky windows, book a personal  1:1 session with one of our experts. 

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