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Fabric Types

Available in a variety of colours, fabrics and cell sizes, Honeycomb blinds are known to provide exceptional insulation, light control and sound absorption.

Elegant, Stylish & Functional

Our Honeycomb blinds are made from fade resistant, light weight fabrics and are subtle and compact when raised.  The slimline head rail is perfect to fit inside the window recess with little or no reveal gap at the top.  This neat fit also allows for maximum coverage on either side leaving minimal gaps. Enabling exceptional light control and privacy, making Honeycomb blinds a perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Thermal Properties - Save on energy costs

The hexagonal cells which make up the honeycomb fabric create pockets of air, which naturally reduces the transfer of heat and keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer.  Known as exceptional insulators, this means improved running costs for your household and added savings on your energy bills. 

A blind'sThermal Resistance (R Value) is determined by it's ability to reduce heat.  R Values are the combined measurement of a 3mm glass window plus the window covering.

Below is a guide to help you understand the insulating differences between the various Honeycomb fabric types.

R Value ratings for Honeycomb Blinds 

* Please note - "Translucent" = Light Filtering fabric

(Data courtesy of our Honeycomb Supplier.  Thermal properties are determined by a third party, utilising industry standards and procedures)

Cell Sizes

Blockout, Light Filtering and Sheer fabrics are available in 2 Single cell sizes - 25mm and 38mm. Blockout and Light Filtering fabrics are available in a 38 mm Double Cell.

 Honeycomb Blockout double Cell


Honeycomb Blockout blinds offer great light control and full privacy as well as excellent insulation.  

With 30 colours to select from in our Single Cell range and introducing 4 new colours in our Double Cell range, interior decor has never been easier!

Available in Single Cell Blockout - 25 mm and 38 mm

Available in Double Cell Blockout - 38 mm

Honeycomb Light Filtering Fabrics

Light Filtering

Famous for their light diffusing capabilities, Honeycomb Light Filtering blinds provide protection from ultra violet rays for your furnishing and flooring, whilst insulating your room against both heat and cold.  

Great for 'hiding' an ugly view and retaining natural light and warmth in the room.

Available in Single Cell Blockout - 25 mm and 38 mm

Available in Double Cell Blockout - 38 mm

Honeycomb Sheer Fabrics


Available in 10 colours, our new Honeycomb Sheers mean you can retain your view and your day time privacy.  

Sheers make a perfect partner to a Light Filter or Blockout blind for a Day Night Honeycomb blind.

Colour matched head & bottom rails to your Honeycomb fabrics

Head & Bottom Rail and Bracket Colours

The Honeycomb Head & Bottom rails are automatically colour matched to your fabric selection, including the brackets.

Honeycomb Blinds

Product Care

To keep your Honeycomb blinds clean, run a feather duster lightly over the cloth surface.

If you have a vacuum, using the brush attachment and without any pressure, sweep both front and back sides of the blind panel.

To spot clean any stains or stubborn dirt, gently dab a soft cloth that has  been dampened with a very weak mixture of water and dish washing soap. Once the stain has lifted, gently dab again with a soft cloth dampened with clean water and then once more with a dry cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible.

Do not use any kind of chemical to clean the blind as it may damage the fabric.

Up to 30 Colours to choose from

See our new Honeycomb Sample format designed specifically to help you choose the right colour, fabric and cell choice for your home.

Cotton  White Dove  Snow White  Winter White  Alabaster  Cream  Onion 

    Cotton       White Dove       Snow White    Winter White       Alabaster         Cream               Onion

Fawn Biscuit Pongee Ocher Tan Terracotta Cocoa

     Fawn               Biscuit           Pongee             Ocher               Tan              Terracotta            Cocoa

Spring Green Water Green Avocado Roseate Pink Flamingo Stone Red Agate Red

 Spring Green   Water Green      Avocado        Roseate      Pink Flamingo    Stone Red       Agate Red

Bordeaux Gray Sheen Royal Gray Wisteria Royal Purple Marine Blue Federal Blue

   Bordeaux     Gray Sheen     Royal Gray        Wisteria       Royal Purple     Marine Blue    Federal Blue

Jean Blue  Black

  Jean Blue            Black

Use this helpful table below to see the colours available within each fabric range

Honeycomb Fabric Colour Charts


Introducing a new format for our Honeycomb Samples. Showcasing every type of available fabric, cell size and colour, our new Honeycomb sample collection folders will enable you to make a super easy & informed choice from the comfort of your own home.  Each folder comes complete with a return postage bag included. There is a $50 charge to order these, with a $25 refund (covering postage and handling) upon return of the folders to iseekblinds. 

Click here to order The Honeycomb Sample Collection

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