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About to move into your brand new house or thinking of updating your interiors and not sure where to start?  iseekblinds offers a variety of solutions to suit your interior style, windows and budget.

Below we take you a number of solutions for your living room blinds - windows and doors. Key functionality considerations for your living areas include ensuring privacy during the day, whilst retaining natural light and view, UV protection for your floorings and furnishings, anti-glare options, heat reduction, insulation properties to save on energy costs, nighttime privacy, livability and convenience with exit doors and of course interior style.  Browse through options such as our Linked Roller Blinds or Panel Glide Blinds for your larger windows, sliding or bi-fold doors, Sunscreen and Blockout Roller Blind combinations, the ever popular Plantation Shutters, Sheer Curtains, Double Curtains, Curtain combinations with Blockout Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds & Venetian Blinds.  With so many options, whatever your style or need, iseekblinds has your windows covered!

Plantation Shutters

Aesthetically pleasing

Always popular, Plantation Shutters are a beautiful addition to any room.  Instantly add sophistication to your living areas.  Stylish, compact and neat and available in the most popular colours of Brilliant White and Natural White, plantation shutters are easily incorporated into any interior theme delivering a look your neighbours will envy.  The versatile split tilt option gives you the ability to let light in through the top section of the panels, whilst keeping the bottom sections closed for privacy.  Alternatively, as they are manufactured with clearview functionality, (meaning the tilt rod is hidden) when the blades are open you can get an unobstructed view through your windows.

Plantation shutters are a great consideration for your street facing rooms as they create a uniform look from the outside whilst adding curbside appeal and value to your property. Offering insulation properties to keep your energy bills down, you can select from either Basswood or PVC.  Competitively priced from $235 per square meter, now everyone can afford to have the look they want!

S-fold Sheer Curtains

Transform your rooms

Another popular option for living areas, S-fold sheer curtains add elegance and a sense of luxury, guaranteed to soften and instantly transform the look of any room. The S-fold heading will ensure your curtains hold their structure and drape beautifully from top to bottom.  With a self-weighted hem, the finished product is simply stunning.

The benefits of a Sheer curtain not only look good but will retain your daytime privacy and view whilst gently filtering the natural light. Placement of the tracks can add height and grandeur if ceiling mounted, delivering a greater sense of space. Consider your drop effects to hover above the floor - great for cleaning and convenient if furniture is to be placed in front, just touching for a completed look or breaking gently over the floor for an added sense of splendour.

Select one of our beautiful fabric ranges from Warwick Fabrics, Nettex or Filigree featuring the ever popular linen look sheers or go for a soft and floaty lux look sheer.  With an extensive palette of on-trend colours, you'll definitely find a sheer to suit your interiors.

Order our Curtain Collection sample kit to receive a fabric hanger for each of our ranges to ensure you make the perfect choice for your living areas.

Sheer Curtains & Blockout Roller Blind Combinations

Functionality & Style

Add a wow factor to your living areas. Growing in popularity the collaboration between an S-fold sheer curtain and a blockout roller blind offers many benefits. A cost-effective way to showcase stunning sheers in your lounge room, the S-fold sheer curtains retain your daytime privacy and view whilst the blockout roller blinds give you both privacy and insulation as well as light control.  As per the above, by ceiling mounting your curtain track, you can instantly add height and a greater sense of space.  


For added convenience, motorise your blockout blind. Motorised curtain tracks are coming soon...  Seamlessly integrate your window coverings for smart home connectivity.

Roller Blinds

Fast, convenient and functional

Living room blinds - Roller Blinds offer so many functional benefits from the type of fabrics you can select to the numerous formats available and additional options to suit your lifestyle.


Sunscreen roller blind fabrics will delivery daytime privacy whilst retaining your view and allowing in natural light. Up to 95% UV resistant, sunscreen blinds will protect your flooring and furnishings from sun damage and fading.  Great for anti-glare, sunscreens blinds will ensure you can watch your midday movie with ease.  They provide energy efficient insulation properties and will keep your rooms cooler in summer.  Great for West facing living areas. 

Blockout blinds will provide both day and nighttime privacy as well as complete light block for media rooms and will also provide you with energy efficient insulation properties.  Our easy-care fabrics are perfect for pets and children.

Light Filtering blinds gently soften and diffuse the light whilst offering both day and nighttime privacy.  An ideal solution to hide an ugly view or cover a frosted window whilst retaining the natural light and emitting a sense of warmth.  They also offer insulation benefits.

Add a Pelmet 95

An outside mounted, back rolled roller blind means you can finish off the look with a stunning Pelmet 95! Available in 3 colours - White, Anodised and Black, the Pelmet 95 will neatly hide the roll tube and brackets, whilst protecting your blind from dust.  Made from aluminium, Pelmet 95 covers both the top and sides of your roller blind tube.  Its sleek, stylish and subtle design means it will seamlessly blend in with any interior design. In addition, installation is a breeze as your roller blind brackets are already fitted inside the pelmet.  All you need to do is attach the pelmet to your architraves and simply pop the roller blinds in!

Add a Silent Bottom Rail

Stop your blinds banging! This specifically designed bottom rail will eliminate the noise from banging blinds bumping against window frames commonly caused by the breeze through an open window or heating and cooling systems.

Motorise your blinds

With technology accelerating at speed and in-home connectivity now affordable for all, a major consideration when placing your order for Roller blinds is whether or not to automate your blinds. Motorise your blockout blind for everyday convenience.  You can set timers and create scenes so that your Blockout blinds go up at your preferred time every morning and evening!  Seamlessly integrate your motorised blinds with popular smart home automation systems such as Alexa, Google or Siri for the ultimate in voice control.

Browse through your roller blinds options below including Linked Roller blinds ideal for sliding or bi-fold doors and double roller blinds for the best of both worlds.  iseekblinds will manufacture your custom made roller blinds in just 3 - 5 business days.

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Linked Roller Blinds

Large windows, Sliding or Bi-fold doors?

Ideal for a large span of bi-fold, sliding or stacker doors, Linked Roller blinds give you great flexibility for wide windows enabling you to link blinds side by side up to a maximum width of 1200mm. By linking your blinds you can reduce the gap between the fabric from 32mm to just 19mm. So versatile, linked blinds allow you to follow the flow of your doors and windows whilst offering multiple options for functionality over an exit door. You can opt for separate controls or you can operate up to 2 blinds with the same control. For added convenience and modern day living, why not automate your blinds.

Linked blinds are available in both single and double roller blind formats - the link layouts are the same.  Select from 6 layouts to find the one that best suits your windows and doors

Double Roller Blinds

Multiple benefits

Get the best of both worlds with a double roller blind.  This innovative blind system includes two different types of blinds on a single slimline bracket. Otherwise known as a day-night blind, with Double Roller Blinds you can switch between blockout blinds for complete nighttime privacy and the ultimate in light control, to transparent sunscreens that let in natural light whilst preserving your view, giving you daytime privacy as well as protecting your flooring and furnishings from harmful UV rays.  You can also combine a Blockout with a Light Filtering fabric - the choice is yours!

Panel Glide Blinds

Ideal for wide windows and sliding doors

With overall widths up to 6200mm, Panel Glide blinds offer the perfect solution to cover a wide span of glass in your living areas.  A modern alternative to vertical blinds, the overlapping fabric panels are attached to an aluminium track to glide effortlessly across your windows with an operating wand.  Our new Panel Glide system aligns the panels on the same track to overlap at a slight angle.  This means that the panels sit consistently from left to right on the same plane without bulking out into the room, creating better privacy and reduced light gaps.  For a streamlined finish, you can match your fabrics for panel glides, roman blinds and roller blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Affordable alternative

Venetians offer the classic style of a wooden blind for a fraction of the price.  Perfect for living areas our Safelift Cordless Venetians look fantastic and are an economical alternative to Plantation Shutters.  Free from messy cords and made from a lightweight PVC you simply raise or lower the Venetian blind up or down with your hand.  No cords mean that these Venetian blinds are safe for children. A tilt wand allows you to open and close the blades for light control, view and privacy.  Easy to measure and install, these Venetians are manufactured in 3 weeks for a fast solution.

Roman Blinds

Sophisticated gentle folds 

Make a feature of your windows with Roman blinds!  The unique soft, subtle folds of a Roman blind ensure an elegant and sophisticated window dressing. Select from our range of blockout fabrics to add a designer edge to your interiors.  Easily installed, this blind system ensures smooth quiet movement with the strength to manage fabrics of any weight.  The cleverly designed back batten system eliminates distracting stitch holes, puckering or penetrating light, resulting in a neat and refined finish.

Combine with a sunscreen blind for daytime privacy.  Streamline your look with matching roller or roman blind fabrics.

Motorised tracks are coming soon for seamless integration with smart home automation systems such as Alexa.

Temporary Blinds

Same day dispatch

Just moved in?  Get privacy fast with our temporary blinds.  Know internationally as Blindsinabox, these temporary blinds in the colour white work like a light filtering blind allowing in natural light whilst delivering both day and nighttime privacy. Made from high-quality paper and so easy to install, these blinds simply attach to your window with a self-adhesive strip.  Measuring 900mm wide x 1700mm in drop you can overlay to cover large windows or simply cut to size to fit your windows. A cost-effective and super fast option, ditch those sheets and order these blinds before midday for same day dispatch via courier.

Then sit back and relax while you work out your window coverings knowing iseekblinds has got your windows covered!

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