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How to Measure Panel Glide Blinds 

Panel Glide Blinds overview

In this short video Michael gives an overview on our new Panel Glide system.  Demonstrating on a corner window, Michaels shows you how to create a perfect corner window understanding about the 'through' and the 'butt' blinds and shows you how the tracks butt neatly up against each other.  He gives a brief overview of the new 2 channel track system and how the panels sit neatly against the window for greater light control.  When in the open position, you can also get a visual understanding of how the stack will sit off the window.

Panel Glide Blinds - How to Measure overview

In this short video, Michael demonstrates where to measure for your panel glide track. The measurement you give as the overall width will be the actual width of the track.  Understand how to work out your individual panel widths and where they will sit when in the open position - ideally against the wall and off the glass if you have the space.  Michael shows you the stack width overlap of each panel when in the open position is approximately 40 mm.  

Step 1: Check Measure Work Sheets

Measuring for your panel glide blinds is so much easier than you think!  We have all the tools to teach and guide you through the simple process.

Before you start measuring, print off one of our handy Panel Glide Check Measure Worksheets to record your measurements

Check Measure Worksheet Panel Glide Blinds

Check Measure Worksheet - Panel Glide Blinds

There are 4 main considerations when measuring for Panel Glide Blinds:

  • The individual width of each Panel 
  • Left hand stack, right hand stack or centre opening
  • Where the stack will sit when the blind is open
  • The overall width of the track 

Step 2: Understand the Technical Specifications


Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum track width: 1000 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum track width: 6200 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm

  How to Measure - Outside Mount

Outside Mount

Panel Glide Blinds are attached on the outside of the window frame or door frame or face of a wall frame.  

Panel Glide Blind panel widths

Panel Widths

Individual Panel Widths

iseekblinds recommends Min Panel Width - 600 mm   Max Panel Width - 1000 mm

How to calculate individual panel widths

eg: You have measured your overall track width to be 2800 mm and are considering 4 panels

  • Deduct 1 panel from your overall quantity:
    • 4 panels minus 1 panel = 3 panels
  • Multiple this number of panels by 90 mm which is the panel overlap
    • 3 x 90 mm = 270 mm
  • Add 270mm to the original track width of 2800 mm
    • 270 mm plus 2800 mm = 3070 mm
  • Divide 3070 by the original number of panels
    • 3070 mm divided by 4 = 767.5 mm
  • 767.5 mm will be the actual width of each panel

Panel Glide Stack width

Stack width

Decide on your opening: Centre opening, left hand stack or right hand stack

The panels are on a 2 track system, therefore they will stack in front of each other and not behind each other in the open position.  This means that the panels will remain close to the wall and on the same plain as each other at all times, providing greater light control with reduced light gaps.

The width of the stack will increase with the number of panels that you use by approx 40 mm with each panel.  It is best to try and sweep the stack side off the window or sliding door so you can expose as much glass as possible.

Check for any obstructions which will prevent the blind opening through this range.  Be careful to ensure you don't cover any light switches.

On the non-stack side it works well to try and cover the outside edge of the architrave by an additional 100mm to ensure your complete privacy.

Panel Glide 2 track

How to Measure - Width

Measure along the top of your window or sliding door.  This is where your track will be mounted

The Measurement you provide will be the total width of track.

  • Consider panel widths
  • Where panels will sit when blind is open
  • Any additional overlap for the non stack side 

How to Measure Drop:

Measure from the top of the architrave or head rail position to approx.10 mm above the floor

Closeup wand and headrail



Open and close your panel glide blinds effortlessly with a wand control

Track Colour

White only

Bottom Rail Colours

Select from Anodised, White or Black.  All bottom rails come with matching end caps

 Michael's Tips

  • Always use a steel tape measurer or a laser measurer for accuracy - make sure the tape measure is straight and tight when you take your measurements.  
  • Always measure in millimetres (mm)
  • Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height

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