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Frequently Asked Questions - Panel Glide Blinds

Below are some of our most frequently asked Panel Glide questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us a Quick Enquiry or give us a call on 1300 664 257.

What is the best use for Panel Glide Blinds?

Panel Glide Blinds are a fantastic option for larger windows, sliding or bi-fold doors and provide a great alternative to vertical blinds.  With a maximum track size of 6200mm, Panel Glide Blinds can be custom made in both Blockout & Sunscreen fabrics. Smoothly operated with a wand, there are no messy cords for a refined finish.

What are the width restrictions on Panel Glide Blinds?

 Made to suit larger windows or sliding doors, the maximum width a panel glide blind can be made to is 6200 mm.  This is the maximum width of the panel glide tracks.

What sizes do the panels come in for Panel Glide blinds?

Each panel glide blind can have up to a maximum of 12 panels.  The individual panel size is determined by you.  iseekblinds recommends panel widths to be between 600mm and 1000 mm.  The size of each panel will depend on how many panels you select divided by your overall width taking the overlap into consideration.  For example, if you determine your overall track width is 3360 mm and you select 5 panels – each panel will be 672 mm wide.

How do I calculate my individual panel widths?

eg: You have measured your overall track width to be 2800 mm and are considering 4 panels

  • Deduct 1 panel from your overall quantity:
    • 4 panels minus 1 panel = 3 panels
  • Multiple this number of panels by 90 mm which is the panel overlap
    • 3 x 90 mm = 270 mm
  • Add 270mm to the original track width of 2800 mm
    • 270 mm plus 2800 mm = 3070 mm
  • Divide 3070 by the original number of panels
    • 3070 mm divided by 4 = 767.5 mm
  • 767.5 mm will be the actual width of each panel

Can I order my panel glide blind in matching fabrics to my roller blinds in the rest of the house?

Yes you can.  Panel Glide Blinds are made from the same fabrics as our Roller Blinds and are available in 2 types - Blockout & Sunscreen. Blockout blinds, otherwise referred to as blackout blinds provide 100% light block and privacy.  Perfect for room darkening, blockout blinds offer great insulation properties, particularly over a wide span of glass.   Sunscreen blinds excel in controlling the glare whilst the 10% openness of the iseekblinds fabric range means you will retain your view and daytime privacy. With 95% UV blockage sunscreen blinds will protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. Sunscreen blinds are great for every room in the house.  

Delivery Charges

Our standard flat shipping rate is $33 (inc GST) per order.  If your freight charges exceed this amount due to sizes, quantities ordered or a regional area outside our delivery zones, extra shipping charges may apply.  In these circumstances, we will call you prior to processing your order.  Please note iseekblinds does not add any margin to freight and passes on the surcharge cost direct from our freight company.

Long Lengths 

For lengths greater than 2800mm - An additional $20 per box will apply

For lengths greater than 3800mm - An additional $35 per box will apply

For lengths greater than 4800mm - An additional $65 per box will apply

For lengths greater than 5800mm - An additional $250 per box will apply

iseekblinds will pack the product securely.  Each Panel Glide track will be packed into an individual box  

When your order is received, iseekblinds will assess it for any additional freight charges owing.  We will then call you directly to discuss before we start the manufacturing process.

Regional Areas

Additional freight charges may apply for areas considered regional

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