Panel Glide Blinds

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In case you can’t have your device nearby to watch the videos whilst installing, we’ve created some written instructions that you can print out and keep with you. These instructions have been written as easy to follow steps, as we want to make your DIY installation as simple and pain free as possible.

Quick and easy installation

Install your Panel Glide blinds in minutes

How to Video series

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Installation Tool Kit - What you will need to install your blinds

  • A grey lead pencil
  • A small cordless drill to pre-drill holes if required.
  • Pre-drilling your bracket holes will avoid splitting your timber, particularly if you have an older style house.  It is also recommended for outside mounts.
  •  Cordless screwdriver with a 150 mm drill bit (recommended)
  • A string line
  •  Installation Screws
  • Installation screws for Timber installation have been supplied with your blind – if you are installing into Masonry or Aluminium, you will need to purchase the appropriate installation screws.
  •  A step Ladder if necessary
  • A spirit level (optional)

Follow these steps for easy installation:

  Mounting Panel glide track brackets

Multi-positioning bracket connectors

The brackets need to sit in a straight alignment and flush against the top of the architraves or wall.

You can adjust the bracket connector for multi-positioning.  Simply undo the screw to slide the connector back or forth to the position you want.  

This way if you are mounting one bracket on the wall and one bracket on the architrave the brackets will sit at the same position.


  Install the outside brackets first

Mounting the Panel glide track brackets

If your bracket is going to be attached to the wall, use a stud finder to locate the studs to install your outside bracket.  This is particularly important if this is the stack side.

Space your brackets out evenly across the width of the track. However, when the blind is in the open position, most of the weight will sit here.  Consider using more brackets at the stack end to hold the weight.  

Install the 2 end brackets first.  Double check your measurements to ensure both brackets are placed in the correct position.


  Mounting Panel glide track brackets

Mounting the Panel glide track brackets

Generally, you'll find the top of an architrave is not straight - particularly over a longer length.

If you have more than 2 brackets, use a string line to assist you to position your brackets level with each other.  

A string line will ensure the brackets sit in a straight alignment and flush against the top of the architraves or wall.

Mounting the track

Attaching the track - Step 1

Hold the track so that the bracket is fitted into the front lip of the track as shown in the photo

If your track is of length, attach the track to the middle bracket first and then gently slide the track back and forward into the correct position  

Attaching the Panel Glide headrail

Attaching the track - Step 2

Next, lift the back of the track up into position until it clicks into place.

Incorrect Installation

Trouble Shooting

Make sure you hear a satisfying click to ensure your bracket has clipped the track securely in place both at the front and the back of the track 

Check all brackets to ensure they have all securely attached to the track

In this picture you can see how the bracket has not clicked securely into place - this is incorrect and will need to be clicked properly into the lip of the track

How to remove your panel glide headrail

Removing the headrail

To remove the panel glide track simply push the tab up at the back to release

  Attaching the chain

Attaching the Panel glide chain

Move the panel glide sliders along the track into position

  Attaching the Panel Glide Chain

Attaching your Panels

Simply clip the chain onto the back of the panel glide sliders

  Attaching the Panel Glide Chain

Attaching your Panels

Continue along the track attaching the chain until all panels glide sliders are connected

  Attaching the control wand

Attaching your Control Wand

Attach your control wand to the end panel glide slider

  Attaching the panel glide panels

Attaching your Panels

Hold up each panel so that the bottom rail is at the bottom.

Simply press to attach the top part of the panel on to the velcro of each slider.  

Unroll the panel gently down to the ground

  Installation completed

Congratulations!  Your installation is complete

Using your control wand, slide your panel glides effortlessly across your windows


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