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How to Install

Getting Started

Congratulations!  You will now have received your gorgeous Panel Glide blinds from iseekblinds!

To get you started on your installation, here are some helpful tips:

Installation Tool Kit

A small cordless drill to pre drill holes if required. 

2mm Drill bit for Outside mount pilot holes.

Pre drilling your bracket holes will avoid splitting your timber, particularly if you have an older style house.  It is also recommended for outside mounts.

Cordless screwdriver 

Installation screws for Timber installation have been supplied with your blind – if you are installing into Masonry or Aluminium, you will need to purchase the appropriate installation screws.

 A Ladder if necessary

Organising your Blinds

Each of your blinds will have a sticker on them detailing the Room name and the blind number that you ordered them in.

Starting from the front door, and turning hard left as detailed in the How to Measure section, the first window should be Blind number 1.

Layout each of you blinds in front of the correct window.

Starting with the first blind, carefully remove it from its packaging.  

Your Panel Glide  Blind comes complete with installation brackets and screws for Timber installation.  

You are now ready to install!  Follow the steps below for an easy installation.

How to Install your Panel Glide Blind Track

Lay the track out in front of your window.

If your track has been supplied in two halves then you need to join the track using the profile connector supplied.


Once you have your track in its correct position on the floor you can lay the brackets evenly across the track and mark the position on the architrave or wall where they are going to be install.

Your end brackets need to be installed approximately 100mm from the end of the track and biased need to be given to the stack end or ends so that these brackets can take the weight of the panels when the blind is in the open position.

If you end brackets are being fitted to the wall and not the architrave, then these brackets need to be adjusted so that the clip that holds the track in place is equal and level with the brackets being fitted to the architrave.

Place the two outer brackets approximately 100 from each end of the track and level with the top of the architrave.

Pencil mark the slotted holes and use appropriate fixtures the secure to the wall or architrave at both ends.

Install the rest of the bracket across the wall or architrave. Make sure your brackets are level – don’t rely on your architrave being straight as they often aren’t.

You made need to use a spirit level or string line to locate your centre brackets.

Present your track to the appropriate mounting ridge as per diagram. 

Two people will be needed at this stage if you have a long track.

There are slightly different configurations depending on the number of channels in the track.

Once you have hooked on all the brackets at the front only, you can step back to check that the track is in the correct position. Adjust this if necessary before engaging the brackets.

Engage the brackets with a firm twisting motion starting from the middle of the track and working your way outwards. Check that all your brackets have been engaged correctly.

How to Install Panel Glide Blind Panels

Once your track has been installed in the correct position now it’s time to install the panels.

Remove the end caps of the Panel bar with a small Phillips head screw driver.

These only need to be removed on the inside of the bar so that you can slide your panels in place.

Fold the spline over the panel creating an upside down V shape.   



Slide panel in place and re install end cap.


Always work from the back to the front when installing panels. Once completed your blind is ready to be used

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