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Product Care

Sunscreen, Light Filtering & Blockout

Fabrics should be regularly dusted / vacuumed as appropriate.

Surface dust can be removed from the fabric with:

A duster or soft lint free cloth or

by using the dusting brush nozzel of your vacuum cleaner.

Light stains can be wiped clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth

Do not use strong detergents, solvents or scrub against the fabric because it will damage the coating of the fabric

Allow the fabric to air dry completely before rolling it back

Never use abrasive products or solvents / industrial based cleaners

If commercial spot cleaners are used, they must first be tested and allowed to dry on an inconspicuous area, to ensure compatibility.

Do not wash / dry clean

Do not allow blinds to become fully wet

Use a damp cloth only

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