iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Sample Kit


The iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Kit

Tools for success! Confidently measure and install for your Plantation Shutters with the iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Sample Kits.  

In this video, Michael takes you through the contents of the iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Sample kit.  Each kit includes 2 x shutter panels (1 x PVC & 1 x Basswood) and the following frame examples - Inside Mount L Frame, Inside Mount Z Frame, U Channels, Outside Mount L Frame and a T-Post in bothBasswood & PVC.  All the parts are clearly labelled.  

Select the frame you are considering, pair it with one of the panels and physically place these in your window to check clearances required for a perfect fit.  These kits will assist you greatly in understanding the How to Measure process to ensure you get the best possible result for your Plantation Shutters saving you $1000's with Michael's easy DIY guidance.

There is a $125 charge to order these kits  When you have finished with the kit, simply email iseekblinds and we will arrange to collect it.

See the Terms & Conditions below

Click here to order a Plantation Shutter Sample Kit

Terms & Conditions

To provide the best online purchasing experience possible, our Plantation Shutter sample kits contain 2 x Panels and examples of each of the various frame options available.

In order to provide this, iseekblinds needs to ensure we receive the Plantation Shutter Sample kits back in full and undamaged.

How it works  

  • Order one of the iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Sample Kits via the website
  • There is a $125 charge to order these
  • Once the sample request is received, iseekblinds will contact you to record your credit card details prior to sending out the Sample Kit.  In the event of missing, damaged or unreturned samples, your credit card will be charged up to a maximum of $250 – please see details below
  • The Sample Kit is then dispatched via courier.

Time Frame – 14 days

  • You will have 14 days in total which to use the kit & return it back to iseekblinds
  • Day 10 - iseekblinds will give you a follow-up sales call to answer any queries
  • Day 14 – Final reminder sent to request collection
  • Day 18 - If iseekblinds has not received an email requesting collection and/or samples have not been returned, then you will be charged $250.

To Return the Collection

  • Repack the kit back into the box it came in and apply the enclosed self-addressed label - make sure you cover the original freight label.
  • Send an email to requesting a pickup
  • Iseekblinds will book in a pick-up via courier and notify you of the day of collection
  • Please ensure the box is left out for the courier to collect – you don’t have to be home

Credit Card details

  • Credit card details are held as a bond to secure the Sample Kit against any damages or missing items
  • If the Sample kit is returned to iseekblinds within 14 days’ timeframe, in full and undamaged – No charges will apply
  • If the Sample Kit is returned with missing or Panels, a $50 charge will be applied per affected Panel.  For any missing or damaged Frames, a $25 charge per item will apply.
  • If the Sample Kit is not returned within the 18-day timeframe, iseekblinds will consider the samples ‘sold’ and apply the Token payment of $250 in order to replace the samples.
  • If the samples are received in full and undamaged after this timeframe, (up to a maximum of 60 days) iseekblinds will issue a refund, of $190, retaining a $60 admin fee. 

Click here to order a Plantation Shutter Sample Kit

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