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Tools for Success

To ensure you get the best possible result, we have compiled the below information: 

Plantation Shutter Sample Kits - Available now!

Tools for success! Confidently measure and install for your Plantation Shutters with the iseekblinds Plantation Shutter Sample Kits.  

Michael shows you just how easy it is to achieve a professional result.  Featuring both Basswood and PVC, each kit contains 2 x small panels and a sample piece of each of the frame options. Physically place these in your window to check for clearance and understand the fit to best suit your windows. These kits will greatly assist you in understanding the How to Measure process and ensure you get the best possible result for your Plantation Shutters saving you $1000's with Michael's easy DIY guidance.

There is a $125 charge to order these kits  When you have finished with the kit, simply email iseekblinds and we will arrange to collect it.

Plantation Shutter Sample Kit

Check Measure Work Sheets

Before you start measuring, print off our Plantation Shutter Check Measure Worksheet to record your measurements.

These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to order your Basswood Plantation Shutters.  When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form.  Easy!

Check Measure Worksheet

Plantation Shutter Panel Layout Charts

Michael has 2 simple rules to follow when deciding which panel layout will best suit your windows.

1. Less is more 

  • Aesthetically pleasing, it is preferable to have fewer panels rather than risk overcrowding your windows. Too many panels will end up blocking your light and view.

2. You must follow the window 

  • Select a layout that will complement the flow of your windows

Used in conjunction with your check measure worksheet, the Panel layout charts will help you decide on the following: 

  • Basswood or PVC
  • How many panels per window - refer to rule # 1
  • Which layout options are available based on the overall width of your window
  • Which layout options will best suit the flow of your window - refer to rule # 2

* IMPT Please Note: The Layout number does not equate to the number of Panels in that layout.  eg Layout 3 =  2 x panels in the configuration

Basswood Panel Layout Chart

Plantation Shutter Specifications - New!

For the dimensions of all the plantation shutter parts, download this handy guide.

  • Blade Profiles
  • Top & Bottom Rails
  • Mid Rails
  • Stiles
  • T-Posts
  • Frames: Inside Mount L Frame, Z Frame, U Channels 
  • Frames: Outside Mount L Frame

Basswood Dimensions

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