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How to Measure 

Understanding the various parts of a Plantation Shutter

In this video, Michael explains the various parts that make up a plantation shutter and the options available to you to customise your Plantation Shutter.

How to Measure 

In this video, Michael explains in greater detail what you need to know about plantation shutters and takes you through the simple steps on how to measure your windows.  Including how to measure for decorative Victorian style architraves.

How to Measure for an Inside Mount

Window recess depth

When measuring for inside mount frames, make sure that you have at least 70mm  clearance inside your window recess


Measure the hard width across the top, middle and bottom of the window recess.


Measure the hard drop from the left, centre, and right of the window recess.

Write down the smallest width and drop measurement.

Note; Special attention should be given to window openings that have window winders, latches, security devices, removable screens etc, because they may obstruct the frame. This will determine whether you select a 4 sided or 3 sided frame.

*Do not take any deductions (iseekblinds will do this for you)

Select your Frame

The most popular choice for an inside mount is the L Frame.  Depending on your window's specific needs, you can also select from a Z Frame, Direct Mount or a U Channel

Measuring for T Posts

How to Measure for an Outside Mount

Outside mount L Frames are used where there is less than 70 mm clearance inside your window recess.  You need at least 25mm of flat surface to mount your shutter frame.


Take three measurements from the edge of the architrave to the edge of the architrave at the top, middle and bottom on the window frame


Take three measurements from the top of the architrave to the bottom of the architrave at the left, centre, and right of the window opening

Outside L Frame

An outside L Frame is the only option for an Outside Mounted plantation Shutters

For Outside Mount L frame provide the largest width and height measurement.

iseekblinds will not take any deductions for outside mounted blinds

Measuring for T Posts

4 or 3 sided frame

4 sided frame

More commonly used. A 4 sided frame can be used where there are no obstructions at the base of the window, such as a sliding window.

3 sided frame

Used if you have any window winders, latches, security devices, removable screens as they may obstruct the frame

Mid Rail

How to Measure your Mid Rail Position

1 x  Mid Rail is required if the drop of your plantation shutter is greater than 1800 mm

2 x Mid rails are required if the drop is greater than 2400 mm

If your overall drop is less than 1800mm, a mid rail is not required.  You may want to consider a split tilt option (see below) to control your light & privacy if no midrail is required.

The most common placement for a mid rail is in the exact centre of the panel. It is also common to place the mid rail at a natural break, as there is with a double hung window.

If you would like your mid rail to sit at a specific position (ie. not centred), simply measure from the bottom of the inside of your window frame to the centre point of the desired location of the mid rail.

Split Tilt Options

Split Tilt options are available in plantation shutters with or without a midrail.  You can opt to have the split tilt centred if there is no mid rail or opt for a split half above the midrail. 

Simply select where you would like the split tilt positioned when you are placing your order.  



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