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Plantation Shutters Basswood

Custom made white plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to any home.  Our new range of timber plantation shutters are made from 100% Basswood, a superior hardwood renowned for its consistent grain and smooth finish. Basswood offers a fine texture that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. In addition, basswood plantation shutters are warp-resistant and lightweight, making them a smart choice for any location or larger windows. All of our plantation shutters are made with Clearview functionality (a hidden tilt rod) so when the blades are open your view is clear and unobstructed, whilst the 89mm blades ensuring you get both plenty of light during the day and privacy at night. Use our Quick Quote below and enter your window sizes for an instant price.  Pay only 50% when you place your order and the remainder just prior to delivery!

* Please note: iseekblinds delivers Plantation Shutters to NSW, ACT & VIC Only.  Please click here for more information.

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  • Both Basswood and PVC Plantation Shutters are equal when it comes to pricing, quality, operation, insulation properties and how they look. It comes down to a question of personal preference, use & specifications. Basswood timber being a light weight hardwood is great for larger windows, whilst PVC is better suited to smaller windows and ‘wet’ areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Michael has 2 simple rules to consider when understanding which shutter type to buy. 1. Less is More – Don’t overcrowd your windows with too many panels 2. You must follow the window – ensure that the finished look is aesthetically pleasing from both the inside and outside of your house. Learn more

  • Yes. Basswood is a superior hardwood commonly used for making timber plantation shutters due to its light weight and warp resistant properties. Basswood timber is also known for its fine grain texture giving a smooth finish and is hardy and long lasting.

  • Basswood timber shutters are a great solution for all windows in your home. A lightweight timber, basswood is particularly suited to larger windows due its ability to be made to wider specifications. Use the iseekblinds Basswood panel layout charts to assist you to understand which layout will be the best fit for your windows.

  • Yes Basswood plantation shutters offer you the option to order a 90° corner window or a 135° bay window shutter. Use the check measure worksheets and the specific panel layouts provided on the website to guide you through the order process. To guide you through the process view the How to Measure and How to Install videos.

  • All of our plantation shutters come standard with a 89 mm blade / louvre

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