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PVC Technical Specifications

Width & Drop

Individual Panel Width (mm)Overall Shutter Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 180 mm 
Maximum width: 760 mm

Minimum width: 180 mm 
Maximum width: Unlimited

Minimum drop: 300 mm 
Maximum drop: 2420 mm

PVC Material 

Made from PVC, each blade is reinforced with an Aluminium core, to ensure this durable material won't warp, crack, peel or fade. Providing great insulation properties these PVC Shutters are resistant to moisture and humidity - Perfect for 'wet areas' such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry's as well as becoming increasingly popular in warmer climates with higher humidity.

Important please note:  Due to the weight and nature of PVC shutters it is common for panel widths that are greater, but not limited to, 750mm to drop slightly once they  have been opened out of the frame and will need to be lifted gently to be closed back into the frame. I seek blinds considers this normal for this type of shutter and therefore is not subject to any fault or warranty claim.

Plantation Shutter PVC Colour Wheel

PVC Colours

When it comes to selecting a colour, white plantation shutters are the most popular choice.  Our PVC Plantation Shutters are available in the 2 most commonly asked for colours - Brilliant White and Natural White.  

Our PVC and Basswood shutter ranges are colour matched so you can have consistency throughout your house using the most appropriate material to suit each of your windows.

  • Brilliant White or Natural White 
  • Non Toxic
  • Made from PVC, looks and feels like wood  
  • Water resistant - perfect for high humidity & 'wet' areas  
  • Blades, stiles & rails reinforced with aluminium  
  • Wont warp, crack or peel  
  • Great insulation properties  
  • 25 year warranty

Clearview functionality


All our plantation shutters are made with Clearview functionality - this means a hidden tilt rod, so that when the blades are open you have a view that is clear and unobstructed.

Plantation Shutter Blade


Elliptical Blades - 89 mm in width

Blade Thickness - 11 mm

Mid Rails

Mid Rail

A mid rail provides strength to the shutter panel. The mid rail can be placed in the centre of the panel or you can nominate a position by measuring up from the bottom of the window, and following the natural flow of your window.  

See as an example in the below photo how the mid rail has been positioned where the natural break in the window is.  This can be where the winders are or a horizontal mullion.  

If your overall drop is less than 1500mm, a mid rail is not required.  You may want to consider a split tilt option (see below) to control your light & privacy if no mid rail is required.

  • 1 x Mid Rail required for Plantation Shutters greater than 1500 mm in Drop. 
  • 2 x Mid Rails required for Plantation Shutters greater than 2100 mm in Drop. 

Mid Rail thickness - 19 mm

Split tilt

Split Tilt

The Split tilt rod allows you to open or close sections of your shutter blades separately, giving you greater light control and privacy.

You can close the lower portion of your blades for privacy, whilst leaving the top section open to still let in light or an open view.

Split Tilt options are available in plantation shutters with or without a mid rail.  You can opt to have the split tilt centred (as in the photo below - no mid rail) or opt for a split half above the mid rail.


T- Posts

For larger windows, T-posts can be used with any frame type where the size of the window requires three, four or six panels etc. T-Posts divide windows vertically to match the flow of the window design and cover large spaces.

Colour Matched Hinges

Hinge Colour

Colour Matched

All Plantation Shutters come standard with colour matched hinges 


Top & Bottom Rail dimensions

The Top & Bottom Rail dimensions will depend upon the overall size of your Plantation Shutters.

Because our shutters are custom made to a specific size, the top and bottom rails will be made to suit the overall width & drop of the shutter.

Stile Dimensions

Width -50mm 

Thickness - 27mm

Framing & Mount Options

All about Frames

In this video Michael talks about the different types of frames available for Plantation Shutters.

3 or 4 Sided Frames

Special attention should be given to window openings that have window winders, latches, security devices, removable screens etc, because they may obstruct the frame.   This will determine whether you select a 3 sided or 4 sided frame.

4 Sided Frame

More commonly used. A 4 sided frame can be used where there are no obstructions at the base of the window, such as a sliding window.

3 Sided Frame

Used if you have any window winders, latches, security devices, removable screens as they may obstruct the frame

Inside Mount Frames

An inside mounted shutter requires a window recess depth of 70 mm clearance to allow the blades to open unobstructed.

L Frame

The most popular way to inside mount your plantation shutters, an L Frame gives you the ability to square the frame inside your recess and mount your panels.  An L Frame also acts as a light block, preventing light from coming through the edges of the panels.

In this video Michael discusses all the basics on what you need to know about Inside Mounting L Frames

Once an L Frame is square and panels fitted, you can simply fill any outstanding gaps around the outside of the frame with 'No More Gaps', leaving you a perfect made to measure finish.

Z Frame 

A great solution for windows that are out of square or have no existing architrave.

The Z Frame is mounted directly to the inside of the window frame, with a bull-nose lip going around the outside of the window frame or plaster, thus hiding any gaps or imperfections.

Direct Mount

A Direct Mount is where the plantation shutter panel is mounted straight onto the window without a frame.  Just like how a door hangs. 

This is commonly used for side lights (the small windows beside your front door) or any other narrow openings where the width of the frame would reduce the width of the blades, thus blocking too much light and crowding your window.

*PLEASE NOTE - A Direct Mount is only available for Plantation Shutter Layouts 1,2 or 3 only

U Channel

A U Channel is used for internal wall dividers. 

Outside Mount Frames

L Frame

Used for all Outside Mounted Plantation Shutters

The Outside Mount L Frame has a projection of 70 mm so your blades will not project past the back of the frame, thus making it suitable for all outside mount applications, regardless of the width of your architraves and centre mullions of your window.

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