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Plantation Shutters

* Please note: iseekblinds delivers Plantation Shutters to NSW, ACT & VIC only.  Please click here for more information

Create a lasting impression in your home

Custom made white plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to your home. Instantly add class and sophistication to any room, whilst adding character and value to your property.  

iseekblinds specialise in both timber plantation shutters - made from 100% basswood and PVC plantation shutters. We strive always to provide you with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  Buying online from iseekblinds and getting your DIY on by following our easy instructions and video guidance on "How to" Measure and Install will enable you to achieve the look you want for your home and save you thousands.

50% deposit available for all Plantation Shutter Orders

Just pay 50% now and the balance 6 weeks later!  We'll send you a reminder to pay the balance 2 weeks out from expected delivery.  

Basswood Plantation Shutters  PVC Plantation Shutters  

White Plantation Shutters

Available in the most popular shades of white, our new ranges of timber plantation shutters and PVC plantation shutters are now colour matched so you can easily incorporate both types into your interior decor throughout your home. Select from either Brilliant White or Natural White.

PVC or Timber? Which Plantation Shutter should I buy?

Both of these shutters are of premium quality and there are many good reasons to buy either type of shutter. Placing both products side by side, visually you would not be able to tell one from the other - however there are some key differences.

Michael Gubby has 2 simple rules to consider when looking to purchase Plantation Shutters.

  1. 'Less is More'
  2. Follow the window

When asked for advice on which shutter to buy, the first question Michael will ask you is what is the size of your window openings.  The sizes that each shutter can be made to plays an important part in planning which shutter will be the best fit for your window.

Once you know the size of your window openings, view our Plantation Shutter Layout Charts found in the "How to Measure" sections of each Product 'hub'. These will help you assess which shutter type is going to best suit the size and the natural breaks of your window.  

Due to the weight of PVC, the maximum panel widths can only be made to 760mm.  Whilst the Basswood being a lightweight timber, can make panels up to 950mm wide.

The end result from an aesthetic perspective is far superior with fewer panels.  Don't over crowd your window and lose your light and view.

It's more than likely that you may end up having both types of shutters in your home.  The PVC for the 'wet' areas such as the bathroom or laundry and the Basswood for larger windows.  The choice now made so much easier with our new ranges of colour matched plantation Shutters!

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Plantation Shutters

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Plantation Shutters

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