Specifications: Panel Glide Blinds

Our custom made Panel Glide Blinds are a fantastic option for larger windows, sliding doors and bi-fold doors.

With a maximum overall width of 6200mm, Panel Glide Blinds offer the perfect solution to cover a wide span of glass in your living areas. A modern alternative to vertical blinds, the overlapping fabric panels are attached to a 2 channel aluminium track. This creates better privacy and reduced light gaps, resulting in a streamlined finish.

Your panels will glide effortlessly across your windows controlled with an operating wand. The stylish operating wand eliminates the need for messy chains and makes Panel Glide blinds the perfect child safe solution for your home.



Sizes – Minimums & Maximums

Width (mm)Drop (mm)Individual Panel Widths (mm)

Minimum track width: 1000 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Minimum panel width: 250mm

Maximum width: 6200 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm

Maximum panel width: 1000mm




The ultimate in privacy, light control & insulation, blockout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and media rooms, providing both daytime and nightime privacy.


Retain your view whilst filtering natural light and glare. Sunscreen fabrics also help to protect floors and furnishings from UV rays.

Light Filtering

Light Filter
Softens and diffuses light whilst offering privacy. Offers a decorative covering for windows and are a great option for bathrooms.

Find out more about fabrics

2 Channel Track System

2 Channel Track System

Featuring the new iseekblinds dual channel track system, the panels are aligned within the same track overlapping on a slight angle.

The panels will stack in front of each other and not behind each other in the open position.

This means the panels remain close to the wall and will sit consistently from the left to the right on the same plane without bulking out into the room.

The end result provides better privacy and greater light control with reduced light gaps, resulting in a streamlined finish.


Mounting Option

Outside Mount

Panel Glide Blinds are attached on the outside of the window frame or door frame or face of a wall frame.


Panel Widths

Panel Widths

Individual Panel Widths

iseekblinds recommends: Min Panel Width - 250 mm Max Panel Width - 1000 mm

iseekblinds recommends: Min number of panels x 3. Max number of panels x 12

Want to know how to calculate individual panel widths? View our How To Measure page for all the info.

How to measure Panel Glide Blinds


Stack Width

Stack Widths

The aim is to sweep as much of the stack off the window as possible when in the open position, so you can expose maximum glass and avoid blocking out your light and view. Ideally, you would have only approx 100mm on the stack side covering the glass. However, each window is unique so work out the best solution for you. Be mindful of covering any light switches and work out how much room you have available for your stack.

Decide on your opening: Centre opening, left-hand stack or right-hand stack

The panels are on a 2 track system, therefore they will stack in front of each other and not behind each other in the open position.

The width of the stack will increase with the number of panels that you use by approx 40 mm with each panel.

Check for any obstructions which will prevent the blind opening through this range. Be careful to ensure you don't cover any light switches.

On the non-stack side it works well to try and cover the outside edge of the architrave by an additional 100mm to ensure your complete privacy and a neat finished look.

How to measure Panel Glide Blinds



Operation via wand control (hand drawn)

Open and close your panel glide blinds effortlessly with a wand control: Select from sizes 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm

Track Colour

Grey, White or Black

Bottom Rail Colours

Select from Anodised, White or Black. All bottom rails come with matching end caps




Freight for window coverings is termed as 'Ugly' freight – Our products can't be packed into little square boxes to move automatically down a conveyor belt. Our freight requires manual handling and as a result, long length surcharges are applied by the freight companies as per the below. Please note iseekblinds is not in the freight business, meaning we don't profit from freight. All additional surcharges from the Couriers are passed on at cost.

When your order is received, iseekblinds will assess it for any additional freight charges owing. We will then call you directly to discuss before we start the manufacturing process. iseekblinds will pack the product securely. Each Panel Glide track will be packed into an individual box.

Long Lengths

  • For lengths greater than 2800mm ‐ An additional $20 per box will apply
  • For lengths greater than 4000mm ‐ An additional $35 per box will apply
  • For lengths greater than 5000mm ‐ An additional $65 per box will apply
  • For lengths greater than 6000mm ‐ An additional $250 per box will apply

Regional Areas

  • Additional freight charges may apply for areas considered regional
Find out more about Delivery for Panel Glide Blinds



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