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Upgrade your existing roller blinds to motorised blinds with our quick and easy retrofit program. 
Using market-leading technology from Rollease Acmeda, we provide our customers with the best quality product available along with access
to a wealth of resources to help you along your way.

And with our retrofit motorisation options starting at just $189, it's more affordable than you think. 

Why motorise your existing roller blinds? 


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Can my existing roller blinds be motorised?

Step 1: Qualify
First things first, we need to make sure your blinds are compatible for retrofitting

How do we do this?  
We check out the tube of your blind. If you've got blinds from us made in the last 7 years, chances are your blinds are compatible. 

In this video - Mike takes you through the process of removing your blind and checking the tube. If the profile looks like the ones Mike has, then you're one step closer to retrofitting!

To be 100% sure that your blinds are compatible before you purchase motors - we strongly recommend ordering a testing kit*. This kit includes a drive-wheel and a crown-wheel. If this wheel fits within your blind tube, then you're ready to go! 

  Order a Testing Kit    Watch the video series on You Tube    Need help? Contact us

*Important: Checking that your blinds are compatible with our $5 test kit could save you a $100 re-stocking fee for returned motors. Click herefor more. 

Not sure if your blinds are compatible? We may still be able to help you. Contact us today to find out how.  


What parts do I need?

Step 2: Order the parts you need
If your blinds are compatible, you'll need to order the parts. What's on the list? 

To motorise your existing chain-driven blinds, you'll obviously need a few parts and components to complete the job.

Choose your motor, depending on your blind width:

  • Automate Zero Wire-Free Q1.1 Short (for blinds 570mm wide - 649mm wide; S40 & S45 tubes) 
  • Automate Zero Wire-Free Q1.1 Standard (for blinds 650mm wide - 1850mm wide; S40 & S45 tubes)
  • Automate Zero Wire-Free Q2.0 (for blinds 1851mm wide - 3000mm wide; S45 tubes only)

To operate your blinds, you will need:

  • Automate Paradigm Plus 15 Channel Remote Control - control single or multiple blinds in different zones
  • Automate Zero Wall Charger (includes micro-USB cable) - to recharge your motors

You might also like to add one or more of these accessories:

  • Automate Pulse 2 Wifi Hub - connect to home networks and unlock the luxury of automated blinds
  • Automate Solar Panel Charger 2.0 - provides supplemental power to all Li-ion wirefree motors
  • Automate Zero USB Repeater Pack - place this between your Wifi Hub and blind motor to extend your range 
  • Automate Zero Extension Cables - handy when you need more length to connect your motor to the charger

Find out more about all these parts and accessories by watching the video, or clicking the link below.  

Order your parts now  Watch the video series on You Tube  Find out more about all the parts

How do I retrofit new motors in to my existing blinds?

Step 3: Retrofit your new motors
Switching out your old chain drives for new motors is easy with our help

Now that you've ordered your parts, you're ready to retrofit your new motors into your existing blinds.

In this video, Mike takes you step-by-step through the process of switching your chain-drives for motors.
He shows you how-to:

  • take down your existing blind
  • remove the chain-drive
  • insert the motor, and
  • re-install your blind into the same brackets

  Need help? Contact us  Watch the video series on You Tube

How do I operate my "new" motorised blinds? 

Step 4: How to operate your "new" blinds
Here comes the fun part! Plan and program your remote control to operate your blinds 

Your motors are in and your blinds are installed. Now it's time to program your remote and get those blinds operating! Even if you'll be using your Home Automation system to control your blinds, setting them up with the remote is still a critical step on your motorisation journey. 

In this video, Mike takes you step-by-step through the process of: 

  • planning your blinds and channels
  • programming your remote
  • operating your blinds

  Watch the video series on You Tube

Want to know more?

We have a huge library of motorisation videos where you can learn how to get the most out of your motorised blinds.
Find out how to adjust the top and bottom limits of your blinds, adjust the speed of the motors, set favourite positions, scenes and timers all the way through to using the wi-fi hub and integrating your blinds into your Home Automation system. Check them out now. 

Automation Roller Blind Automation Videos 


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