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Roller Blind Fabrics 

Lowest Prices - Easy Selection - Faster Delivery

At iseekblinds, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality fabrics at the most affordable prices.  We offer a choice of classic and designer fabrics for your custom made blinds.  

With over 22 years in the blinds industry, we know what sells.  We have done the research and tested the market for you and carefully refined our range with a focus on the best selling fabrics and colours at the most competitive prices.  

This means:

  1. Bigger savings
  2. Reduced complexity
  3. Easier decision making
  4. Faster delivery 

Ensure your Family's Safety 

We source from Suppliers who can not only offer a great range of quality, designs and colours, but also adhere to strict regulations regarding the manufacturing of fabrics to ensure they are safe for your family.  

We supply fabrics that are non-toxic, VOC, heavy metal and formaldehyde free.  This means that you can rest assured that our blinds will not cause any skin irritations or breathing difficulties, especially if any of your family members suffer from allergies or asthma.

Blockout Fabrics

Blockout roller blinds come into their own when it comes to ensuring the perfect light control within your home.  They maintain excellent insulation and offer 100% privacy.

Handy Hint - A ‘Tonal back’ means that the colour on the back of the fabric is the same as the front.  Great for streamlining your look both inside and outside your home.

iseekblinds Insul Bloc - NEW

Prices start from $67.66

Just released, this fantastic range offers a brilliant choice of colours that are exactly in line with what YOU our customers are looking for.  Keeping it simple and easy to understand, iseekblinds Insul Bloc has colour names that make sense!  

Exceptional quality, iseekblinds Insul Bloc has a foamed acrylic backing normally found on fabrics at significantly higher price points.  The foamed acrylic backing ensures excellent insulation benefits as well as giving the fabric softness and flexibility.  

PVC and Lead free means you can purchase with confidence for the safety of your family.  

Delivering exactly what a blockout blind should with 100% blockout, a tonal back and the best prices in town, you'd be mad not to have a look. Order your free samples today!

    iseekblinds Insul Bloc Colours

iseekblinds Insul Blockout Colour Wheel

100% Blockout 
PVC Free 
Lead Free 
Great range of colours 
Beautiful matt finish on the front 
Foamed acrylic backing 
Tonal back 
Great price

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Mantra Blockout 

Prices start from $75.84

An iseekblinds favourite, Mantra has a striking jacquard weave and is available in 10 contemporary colours guaranteed to compliment any interior style.

Be sure to check out the newest additions to the range ‘Pebble’ and ‘Shale’ proving the Grey is indeed the ‘new’ neutral. With a textured look and feel, Mantra is an affordable designer fabric of excellent quality at a great price.  

Handy Hint - A 'Jacquard' weave is produced on a special loom and characterised by complex woven-in designs, often with large design repeats or tapestry effects. 

Mantra Blockout Colours

Mantra Blockout Colour Wheel

A striking jacquard weave 
PVC free 
100% Polyester with foamed acrylic backing 
Fire retardant 
10 contemporary colours to choose from 
Available in matching Light Filtering colours

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Sunscreen Fabrics

Sunscreen blinds excel in controlling the glare entering your room and maintain excellent insulation.  With an approximate 95% UV blockage it offers protection for your furniture and flooring from sun damage.  In addition, you can retain your view of the outside world, whilst being assured of your daytime privacy.

As the hardest working blind in your home, the Sunscreen blind sits closest to your window taking the brunt of the sun's heat.  In inferior quality fabrics, the sun's heat can cause the chemicals used in making the fabrics to release poisonous gasses into your home.

Before you consider purchasing anywhere else, demand to know the credentials of the fabrics they are using to make your blinds.

Clearview Sunscreen 10%

Prices start from $75.84

The 'openness' or the weave of the fabric correlates to how much view you can see through the sunscreen blind during the day.

We know white is the most popular colour!  Now you can have it all with our 10% white fabrics and bring your view to life, unlike weaves of a lesser percentage.

Only 4 colours?  It's the 80/20 rule.  These are the colours that you - our customers - have told us you want. Making your decision process easier, whilst saving you time and money.  This also means we can manufacture your custom made blinds in just 3 days so you get a faster end result.

Clearview 10% Sunscreen Colours

Clearview 10% Colour Wheel

10% Openness 
Retain your view whilst protecting your furniture & flooring from sun-damage 
UV Resistant 
Non toxic 
VOC & formaldehyde free 
Greenguard - indoor air quality certified 
Fire retardant 
Anti Moulding & Anti Fungal

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Light Filtering Fabrics

Light Filtering fabrics gently diffuse the light, whilst ensuring both day and night time privacy.  Add an extra layer of decorative privacy to a frosted window or hide an ugly view whilst adding warmth and retaining your natural light.

Mantra Light Filter

Prices start from $75.84

A perfect match with the Mantra blockout and available in 7 contemporary colours, Mantra Light Filtering offers a striking jacquard weave guaranteed to compliment any interior style. With a tonal back, you can easily streamline you look both inside and out.

Mantra Light Filtering Colours

Mantra Light Filtering Colour Wheel

A striking jacquard weave 
Tonal back 
PVC free 
Fire retardant 
7 contemporary colours to choose from 
Available in matching Blockout colours 
100% Polyester

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Product Care

Sunscreen, Light Filtering & Blockout

Handy Hint - To remove dirty hand marks, use a white eraser to gently rub away the marks

Fabrics should be regularly dusted / vacuumed as appropriate.  

Surface dust can be removed from the fabric with a duster or soft lint free cloth or by using the dusting brush nozzel of your vacuum cleaner.

Light stains can be wiped clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth

Do not use strong detergents, solvents or scrub against the fabric because it will damage the coating of the fabric

Allow the fabric to air dry completely before rolling it back

Never use abrasive products or solvents / industrial based cleaners

If commercial spot cleaners are used, they must first be tested and allowed to dry on an inconspicuous area, to ensure compatibility.

Do not wash / dry clean

Do not allow blinds to become fully wet

Use a damp cloth only

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