Frequently Asked Questions - Roller Blinds

Below are some of our most frequently asked Roller Blind questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us a Quick Enquiry or send an email to We're here to help!

  1. Fabrics – What is the difference between a blockout, sunscreen & light filtering fabric?
  2. Where are your Roller Blinds manufactured?
  3. What does back roll / front roll mean.  How will I know which roll direction to order?
  4. Why are roller blinds not made to the fabric width?
  1. Are your Roller Blinds covered under any warranties?
  2. What is your Returns and Refunds policy?
  3. What if I am not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of your products?

Product Details

What's the difference between blockout roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds and light filtering roller blinds?

Blockout roller blinds, otherwise referred to as blackout blinds provide 100% light block and privacy.  Perfect for room darkening, blockout roller blinds offer great insulation properties and are an excellent choice for bedrooms.   Sunscreen Roller blinds excel in controlling the glare whilst the 10% openness in the iseekblinds fabrics also means you will retain your view and daytime privacy. With 95% UV blockage sunscreen rollers will protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. Sunscreen blinds are great for every room in the house.  Light filtering blinds diffuse the light, whilst ensuring both day and night time privacy.  Great for bathrooms, light filtering blinds can add a decorative layer to a frosted window or hide an ugly view.

 Where are your roller blinds manufactured? 

One of the few remaining authentic blind manufacturers in Australia, we manufacture your roller blinds right here in Melbourne.  No 'ready mades', 'cut downs' or 'TTS' (Trimmed to Size).  Every blind from is produced exactly to your specifications from scratch.  We use only the finest materials to ensure we deliver a product that is well made, long lasting and safe for your family.  All our roller blinds are 100% custom made. 

What does back roll or front roll mean?  How will I know which roll direction to order?

A front roll means that the fabric rolls off the front of the roll tube – similar to a waterfall.  Front rolled blinds are generally used for inside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric is not obstructed by any knobs, handles, winders or inner window frames.  Back rolled blinds means that the fabric comes off the back of the blind (opposite to a waterfall).  Back rolled blinds are usually used in outside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric stays tight to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control. It is also important to back roll your blind if adding a pelmet.

Why are roller blinds not made to the fabric width?

The width measurements that you enter in the order form are taken as the outside edge of bracket to outside edge of bracket.  This way whether your blind is measured as in inside or outside mount, the brackets will always fit in that exact position.   iSeekBlinds will take the necessary deductions for the roller blind fabric to fit within the brackets.  The size of the deductions are based on various selected options such as a chain drive or motor, linking blinds or whether or not a pelmet is required.   Taking this into consideration the fabric will be approx. 15 mm narrower on each side as it sits between the brackets.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote – Does this give me my final price?

The Roller Blind Quick Quote has been designed to give you a quick overview of pricing based on your width and drop and fabric range selected for a single roller blind.  For most straight forward windows, this is what you will pay.  There are more customised options available that if selected may add additional costs.

For more detailed pricing, click the "Place Order" button and proceed to the product order form for either single roller blinds or linked roller blinds.   This will enable you to add in any additional customised options. The final price you see when using the specific Product Order Form is what you will pay.

Measure & Install

Do iSeekBlinds provide a roller blind measure and install service?

At iSeekBlinds, our goal is to provide you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices, and to achieve that we don't provide a traditional measure and install service. Instead, we've created a huge resource of videos and instructions that will guide you step by step through the measuring and installation process for each of our products.

DIY Installation - It’s so much easier than you think!
By getting your DIY on, not only will you save thousands of dollars, but you'll end up feeling as proud as punch.  Take a moment to stand back and bask in your glory when you see the fruits of your labour and what you have achieved!
But remember, you are not alone; we are here to help.  If you have any challenges during measuring or installation, please email us at, send us a Quick Enquiry online.  One of our expert team members will work with you to achieve the stunning results you deserve.

Is it really that easy to measure for roller blinds myself?

Yes, it is! We provide detailed instructions and videos on the website for each of our products and carefully guide you through the process. And if you are still not sure you are doing it correctly we are here to help.  You can give us a call on  1300 664 257 to speak with one of our team members, send us a  Quick Enquiry or for a particular tricky window,  book a personal 1:1 session online.  For reassurance visit our Product Review page to read the feedback from our happy customers who were surprised at just how easy it actually is and how much money they saved by getting their DIY on!

After I order my blinds can I make any changes?

Please take a moment to review your order in your cart carefully and make any necessary changes before proceeding through to checkout.  If you need to change or cancel your order, please phone us on 1300 664 257 within 24 hours or the following business day.  iSeekBlinds can be contacted Monday to Thursday, 9.00am to 5.00pm (EST) and Fridays 9.00am - 4.00pm (EST). Because your custom made blinds will begin to be manufactured immediately after this period, iSeekBlinds can only accept this time frame.  In the event that this time passes iSeekBlinds will not be able to adjust or cancel your order. 

What happens if I measure for my roller blinds incorrectly?

At iSeekBlinds, we take pride in making it as easy as possible to guide you through the measuring process and ensure you get it right.  Review the measuring instructions provided online and contact us directly if you have any questions or are simply not sure. Before you submit your order, be sure to check and double check your measurements as well as reviewing your cart to confirm you have entered the measurements in correctly before proceeding to checkout.   

We are here to help.  If you realise after you have placed your order that you have made a mistake, you have 24 hours (or the next business day) to contact us to make any amendments.  Unfortunately, after this time we are unable to offer a return on your custom made blinds as they have been made specific to your unique windows, which means we are unable to resell the goods.

Please refer to our  Terms & Conditions policy for further details

Is it really that easy to install roller blinds myself?

Yes, it is! We provide detailed instructions and videos on the website for each of our roller blind products and carefully guide you through the process.   Under our How to Install section you will find instructional videos for roller blinds, linked roller blinds, pelmets and also how to program your remote for motors.  And if you are still not sure you are doing it correctly we are here to help.  You can give us a call on 1300 664 257 to speak with one of our team members, send us a  Quick Enquiry or for a particular tricky window,  book a personal 1:1 session online.  You can also visit the ‘Trouble Shooting’ section provided for each product for any simple fixes.

What happens if I need assistance when installing my roller blinds?

We are here to help. You can give us a call on 1300 664 257 to speak with one of our team members, send us a Quick Enquiry or for a particular tricky window, book a personal 1:1session online.  Visit the ' How to Install' page for roller blinds to review the videos provided that address the simple fixes.

Delivery & Timings

When will I receive my blinds?

Our custom made roller blinds are manufactured in 5 business days*.  The manufacturing of orders will begin the following business day.  This means if you place your order on Monday, your manufacturing days commence from Tuesday and your blinds will be dispatched once completed. 

* Excludes any weekends or public holidays. 
* Manufacturing timeframes can extend past 5 business days during busy periods, especially the lead-up to Christmas. Please check here for our current manufacturing timeframes
* If there are any stock delays outside of our control we will notify you when we receive your order to advise of any unavoidable delays

*Please Note: - Our custom made products vary in manufacturing time dependent upon the type of products ordered.  If you have ordered a number of different products, we will collate your order and wait for all products to be ready before we deliver.  If you would like to receive some of these products earlier, you can elect to  Split Your Delivery as you proceed through the checkout process. Additional freight charges may apply.

How do I know what day my roller blinds are going to be delivered? 

Once your roller blinds have been manufactured, they will be prepared for dispatch.  At this time, we will send you an email advising you of your delivery details. Delivery times may vary depending upon your location.

*Please note -  we cannot accept a PO box for a delivery address

What are the delivery charges for roller blinds? 

Our standard flat shipping rate for roller blinds is $33 (inc GST) per order.  If your freight charges exceed this amount due to sizes, quantities ordered or a regional area outside our delivery zones, extra shipping charges may apply.  In these circumstances, we will call you prior to processing your order.

Long Lengths - applicable to all products

For lengths greater than 2800mm - An additional $20 per box will apply

For lengths greater than 3800mm - An additional $35 per box will apply

For lengths greater than 4800mm - An additional $65 per box will apply

iSeekBlinds will pack the product securely and can include up to 4 roller blinds in a single box.  Pelmet 95 is packaged as a separate item.  Up to 2 pelmets can be included in a single box.  

When your order is received, iSeekBlinds will assess it for any additional freight charges owing.  We will then call you directly to discuss before we start the manufacturing process.

Why should I pay for delivery insurance on roller blinds?

Delivery insurance covers you against any loss or damage to your order during transit. The cost of delivery insurance (2.5% of your purchase price of products only) is automatically added to your shipping costs at the time of checkout. This covers you against any loss or damage during transit.

Products such as pelmets or wider blinds are fragile and can be damaged if not handled correctly.  Although we do everything possible to ensure your goods are packaged to the highest of standards, most couriers are 3rd party providers and not under our control. iSeekBlinds highly recommends taking out delivery insurance at the time of purchase.

If you choose not to take out the delivery insurance, any damage or loss of your roller blinds will not be covered and iSeekBlinds accepts no responsibility or claims. 

Authority to leave

iSeekBlinds will advise you of our dispatch date when your order leaves our warehouse. As it is not possible to nominate an exact date and time of delivery, all deliveries to a nominated address must have an "Authority to Leave" the packages if no one is home to accept the delivery. 

What happens if my roller blinds are damaged in transit?

It doesn’t happen often, though unfortunately there can be the odd occasion when your products may be damaged during transit.  After receiving your products, we ask that you inspect and report any damage within five days of delivery. Please do not attempt to install products that have been damaged in delivery, as this will void any warranty claim. 

If iSeekBlinds is not notified within this period, we cannot be held responsible for the damaged item or replacement cost.

Please take a photo of the damaged goods and send through to with a description of the damaged areas.

If the box is visibly damaged upon receipt, please refuse delivery and the box will be returned to iSeekBlinds. Please notify us immediately so that we can file a claim with the carrier.

Once iSeekBlinds has received the damaged goods we will immediately repair or re-manufacture your blinds provided the delivery insurance was paid for at the time of purchase. 

Please refer to our  Terms & Conditions for further details

Can I collect my order from Thomastown?

Yes, you can.  Select ‘Free pickup@iseekblinds’ as you proceed through the checkout process.  Just make sure that you are aware of the size of your order and bring the appropriate vehicle and strappings to ensure you can get your precious cargo home safely.

Colour Samples

How accurate are the sample fabric colours on my monitor?

All computer monitors display colours differently and these can vary considerably.  This is why we recommend ordering free colour samples prior to placing your order.

*Please note that we recommend ordering all blinds for the same room together to ensure that the same batch of fabrics are used.  Dye lot variation can appear between finished blinds and colour samples.  The variances are minimal, but they can occur.

How quickly will I receive my free samples?

Once you have placed your order for your free samples they are sent out the next business day via Priority Paid Australia Post to ensure we get them to you in the fastest possible time frame.

Product Warranties

Are your roller blinds covered under any warranties?

We manufacture our own roller blinds using the highest quality components and fabrics and take pride in the excellence of our craftsmanship.  Each blind comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  This warranty is extended to you as the original purchaser, for as long as you own the blinds in a residential application.  iSeekBlinds warrants that our products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for this period of time.

For further details, please refer to our  Product Warranties Policy.

What is your Returns and Refunds policy?

iSeekBlinds are custom made to your exact specifications, thus they are not suitable for resale or restocking. Please be sure that you check all details thoroughly before finalising your order. iSeekBlinds takes no responsibility for products that have been ordered incorrectly.

However, if it is deemed that the fault was made in the production of the product, the product will be remade and replaced in full at no extra charge.  Please refer to our  Terms & Conditions for further details

What if I am not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of your products?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, let us know and we’ll make it right for you.  If the product is deemed faulty, iSeekBlinds will replace the product free of charge.  Alternatively, you have the option of asking for a full refund.   * Please note – this does not apply to a change of mind on the type of product or fabrics and colours originally ordered.

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