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How to Measure - Pelmet 95

Pelmet 95

Available for Backrolled Outside Mounted blinds only.  In this video Michael shows you how to measure for your Pelmet 95

This short video features an inside mounted sunscreen blind in a front roll (to avoid obstructions in the window) and an outside mounted blockout blind, backrolled and finished with a Pelmet 95.  Michael demonstrates how the Pelmet has been measured from the outside edge of the architrave to the outside edge of the architrave.  This measurement is the finished size of the pelmet. The fabric will then sit approx 18mm inside of this measurement on both sides. See how neatly the pelmet sits, flush with outside edge of your architraves. 

How to Measure

Measure from the outside edge of the architrave to the outside edge of the architrave for a flush finish.  Your custom made pelmet comes complete with the roller blind brackets fitted inside.  The fabric will sit approx 18mm inside of your pelmet on both sides.

For better light control

Add 30mm extra over the edge of the architrave on both sides.  This will ensure the fabric will sit right over the architraves, reducing light gaps for better light control and privacy.

How to Order

When placing your order, always enter the overall width of the pelmet into the "Measurements" section of the order form.

Pelmet 95 Dimensions

Pelmet 95 Dimensions

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