Single Roller Blinds

We aim to make it as easy as possible, instil confidence in your DIY skills and ensure you get it right. View our “How To Measure” videos and utilise our resources, joining the thousands of happy customers who have mastered the simple and easy DIY steps, achieved a great result and saved money in the process.

Before you start measuring, print off our Check Measure Worksheet to record your measurements. These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to complete your order. When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form. Easy!

Sizes – Minimums & Maximums

Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 250 mm (chain driven); 570mm (motorised)

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum width: 3000* mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm

* Please note:   St Lucia Sunscreen has a maximum width of 2800 mm.  Barrier Reef, Daintree & Uluru have a maximum width of 2900 mm.  All other fabrics have a maximum width of 3000 mm.


Extra Wide Roller Blinds

If your window or set of doors is wider than 3000mm, out linked rollers blinds provide the perfect solution. These enable you to place blinds side by side across your windows, bifold or stacking doors, allowing you to follow the flow of your doors and windows whilst offering multiple options for functionality over an exit door. You can also keep any chains clear of the centre whilst the gap between the blinds is also greatly reduced with the use of our linking brackets.

Our Linked Layouts give you the option to link 2 blinds, 3 blinds or 4 blinds depending upon your requirements.

These blinds are placed alongside each other across the window up to a maximum width of 12000 mm.

Find out more about Linked Roller Blinds


How to Measure

Inside Mount
Inside Mount - Roll Direction
How to Measure - Inside Mount

Window recess depth

When measuring for inside mount Rollers, make sure that you have at least 60 mm clearance inside your window recess.

Please provide iseekblinds with the actual opening size of your window recess

*Do not take any deductions (iseekblinds will do this for you)


Measure the hard width across the top inside the window recess.

*It is important that you take your width measurement from the top of the window as this is where your brackets will be fitted.


Next measure the hard drop from the inside top of your window to the inside bottom of your window.

Inside Mount - Roll Direction

Front Roll

Generally, Inside mounted roller blinds are Front rolled, which means that the fabric rolls of the front of the roll tube like a waterfall to avoid any knobs, winders or the inner window frame that may obstruct the blind. This will also create a softer, more balanced look.


Outside Mount
Outside Mount - Roll Direction
How to Measure - Outside Mount


Measure the width from the outside edge of the architrave to the outside edge of the architrave at the top of the window frame.

*It is important that you take your width measurement from the top of the window frame as this is where your brackets will be fitted.


Next measure the hard drop from the top outside edge of the architrave to the bottom outside edge of the architrave. This measurement may be increased if you want the blind to drop past the bottom of your window frame or to the floor.

*Please note: iseekblinds will not make any deductions for Outside Mounted Blinds

Outside Mount - Roll Direction

Back Roll

Generally, Outside mounted roller blinds are Back rolled to ensure the fabric stays tight to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control.


Corner Window
How to Measure - Corner Windows

Got a corner window that you need to measure?

Find out how to measure, whether it's for inside or outside mount, by watching Mike's videos.

He'll take you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you achieve the outcomes you deserve!

How to Measure videos


Drive Options

There are two options available to you when considering the operation of your blinds. Do you want the classic chain-driven version? Or do you want to motorise your blinds and take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort? Find out more below

Chain Drives

Bottom Rails

We offer two bottom rail versions to finish off your blinds in fine style. Choose from the standard D30 – subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front, or select the specifically designed silent bottom rail with shock absorbent bumpers. Which one is best for you?

D30 Bottom Rail
Silent Bottom Rail


Our Pelmet 95 offers a contemporary look and neatly covers the top and front of the roll tube, protecting your roller blinds from dust and hiding the roll tube. Designed for outside mounted, back rolled blinds, they will provide a perfectly professional finish to your blind installation.



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