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How to Measure Roller Blinds

DIY made easy!

How to Video series

Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 250 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum width: 3000* mm

* Please note the ISB Insul Bloc Blockout, Elegance Dulux Blockout & St Lucia Sunscreen fabrics have a maximum width of 2800 mm only.  All other fabrics have a maximum width of 3000 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm

Getting Started

Free Samples

iseekblinds highly recommends you order free fabric samples before placing your order.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and ensure that you are making the right choice for your interior decor.

All computer monitors display colours differently and these can vary considerably.  Free samples give you an opportunity to see the materials ‘in the flesh’ and enable you to match the fabric colours with your paintwork and furnishings for the best result.

We enclose a reply envelope with each sample pack so you can return your samples to us once you have finished with them.  Not only does this help us reduce costs so we can continue to offer a Free sample service, it also and more importantly helps the environment as the samples can be recycled, thereby reducing landfill.

Your Free samples are sent out the next business day via Priority Paid Australia Post to ensure we get them to you in the fastest possible time frame.

What's the difference between Blockout, Sunscreen & Light Filter fabrics? 

Order Free Samples


Roller Blind Check Measure Work Sheets

Before you start measuring, print off our Roller Blind Check Measure Worksheet to record your measurements.

These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to order your Roller Blinds.  When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form.  Easy!

Check Measure Worksheet

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How to Measure

How to Measure - Inside Mount

Window recess depth

When measuring for inside mount Rollers, make sure that you have at least 60 mm clearance inside your window recess.

Please provide iseekblinds with the actual opening size of your window recess

*Do not take any deductions (iseekblinds will do this for you)


Measure the hard width across the top inside the window recess.

*It is important that you take your width measurement from the top of the window as this is where your brackets will be fitted.


Next measure the hard drop from the inside top of your window to the inside bottom of your window.

Inside Mount - Roll Direction

Front Roll

Generally, Inside mounted roller blinds are Front rolled, which means that the fabric rolls of the front of the roll tube like a waterfall to avoid any knobs, winders or the inner window frame that may obstruct the blind.  This will also create a softer, more balanced look.

Outside Mount

How to Measure - Outside Mount


Measure the width from the outside edge of the architrave to the outside edge of the architrave at the top of the window frame.

*It is important that you take your width measurement from the top of the window frame as this is where your brackets will be fitted.


Next measure the hard drop from the top outside edge of the architrave to the bottom outside edge of the architrave.  This measurement may be increased if you want the blind to drop past the bottom of your window frame or to the floor.

*Please note: iseekblinds will not make any deductions for Outside Mounted Blinds

Outside Mount - Roll Direction

Back Roll

Generally, Outside mounted roller blinds are Back rolled to ensure the fabric stays tight to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control.  

Add a Pelmet 95

From $48

To add a Pelmet 95, your blind must be Outside mounted in a Back rolled direction

Pelmet 95 offers a contemporary look and neatly covers the top and front of the roll tube, protecting your roller blinds from dust and hiding the roll tube.

So easy to install, these pelmets will complete your rooms for a professional finish.

Available in Anodised (pictured), White and Black

See Pelmets for more information

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Select Your Blind Control - Motor or Chain Drive


Select your Blind Control - Motor       

With technology accelerating at speed and in-home connectivity now affordable for all, a major consideration when placing your order for Roller blinds is whether or not to automate your blinds. 

Please note that motors cannot be retrofitted once your blinds have been manufactured.  

Our AUTOMATE Li-ion Arc motors come with a wire-free solution, eliminating the need for any expensive electrical wiring and a 5-year full replacement warranty.

Everyday low prices

  • 1.1 Nm Motor $199   $165  

          For blinds 535 mm up to 1830mm in width

  • 2.0 Nm Motor $245  $189   

         For blinds 1831 mm - 2699 mm in width

  • 3.0 Nm Motor $289   $234   
         For blinds 2700mm - 3000mm in width 

  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance
  • Easily set limits and adjust as required
  • Levelling control - Achieve precise positioning of multiple blinds in perfect alignment 
  • Set a favourite position for your blinds
  • Adjustable speed - 3 operational speed settings

All motors come fully charged with your roller blinds.  This charge should last on average for 6 months if used once a day.

How to Order

The motor size will automatically be selected for you as you proceed through the order process based on your overall width.  

See Motors for more information

Automate Pulse Wifi Hub

In-home connectivity

The Automate Pulse Wifi Hub will ensure seamless integration with popular smart home automation systems such as Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and Control 4.

Automate Pulse App

Whether you are at home or away, Automate PULSE allows you to accurately control your blinds via the animated interface on your smartphone by using the Automate Pulse App.

Bi-directional communication allows you to visualise the exact positioning of your blinds whilst allowing to check the battery health of your wire-free motors

Create rooms, set timers & scenes for optimum comfort and allow Automate PULSE to take control.  Control up to 5 separate locations.

The Automate Pulse interface is so easy to use to configure and control your motorised blinds.

Download the App

Coming soon...

Curtain motors and Roman Blind motors due for release shortly can also be controlled via the Automate Pulse wifi hub

See Motors for more information

Automate Paradigm 15 Channel ARC Remote - $75     $69

Single or Multiple blinds can be controlled by the same remote in different zones within the same room.

With this new design, programming has never been easier!  The 15 channel remote is so simple to program for a single blind or for multiple blinds.

  • Touch-sensitive functionality
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Self-levelling feature on the side
  • Simple programming:
  • Easily pair the motor to your remote
  • Set and adjust top & bottom limits as required
  • Adjust the speed of your motors
  • Set individual blinds to each channel
  • Group blinds together for the ultimate in convenience
  • Comes complete with a magnetic wall mount

Once you have completed programming your remote, simply copy this information straight into the Automate Pulse Wifi Hub.

USB Repeater - $89

The USB Repeater pack comes with a USB stick and a power adaptor.

Place this between your Blind motor and Wifi Hub to extend your range by up to 40 metres.

Useful for double storey houses


Plug-In Battery Charger  - $35

Recharge your battery with a simple battery charger (similar to a mobile phone charger) – only 1 required per household as you can move it around the room to charge each blind.

Lead on the charger is 4 meters long

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long lasting for added convenience and hidden within the motor

All Motors are fully charged before they leave our warehouse.  

Depending on the size of the motor, the built-in cycles the motors can do before needing to be recharged are:

  • 1.1 Nm Motor - Approx. 240 cycles / 6 months
  • 2.0 Nm Motor  - Approx 350 cycles / 9 months
  • 3.0 Nm Motor - Approx 440 cycles / 12 months

A cycle is defined as a full up and down positioning of the blind.

Solar Panel Charger - $89

Efficient and autonomous energy harvesting capability for completely wire-free operation, the Li-ion Solar charging panel provides supplemental power to all Li-ion wire-free motors.

Sleek design allows for unobtrusive placement behind most headrails.  Low light harvesting technology supports power generation under varied conditions.

1 x Solar Panel required per each Motor. 

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long lasting for added convenience and hidden within the motor

The Li-ion Arc Battery charge can last up to 6 months if your motor is working one minute every day.

All Motors are fully charged before they leave our warehouse. 


Extension Leads 

If additional length is required to connect your motor to either the Plugin Charger or the Solar Panel, select from the following extension leads:

2440 mm extension lead - $20.00

1220 mm extension lead - $15.00

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Select Your Blind Control - Chain Drive

Select your blind control - Chain Drive

Raise and lower your Roller Blinds manually with a chain drive.

Chain Drive & Bracket Colour

iseekblinds will select either black or white brackets to match the colour of fabric selected.

However, if you have a request for a specific colour, please write this in the notes section provided at the end of each blind order.

Chain Colour

Choose from: Metal, Stainless Steel, Black or White

 iseek recommends

A popular choice, we love metal chains because they hang well and are very discreet. 

Please note that if you live near the Coast we recommend Stainless Steel chains.

Control Side

Select either Left or Right as you stand to look at the window (Picture features a Right control side)

Chain Size

Chain Size

Iseekblinds will automatically populate the recommended chain size depending upon the Drop of your blind. 

Please refer to the table

Custom size your Chain

However, if for example your window is situated above the kitchen sink, or perhaps your window is located higher up than normal, you can custom design your blind to suit your exact needs by selecting a longer or shorter chain. 

Simply click the 'Custom' button as you proceed through the order process.  

Spring Assist

 iseek recommends a Spring Assist for all blinds over 1800 mm. (Chain Drive only)

Spring Assists will ensure your blind glides up and down with minimal effort and limit wear and tear on your components.

Spring assists are inserted into the inner tube of your roller blind in the manufacturing process.

Spring Assists are not required in blinds with a Motor.

Child Safety cleats

All Chain driven blinds come supplied with the mandatory child safety cleats.  

A brand new design, this child safety cleat will ensure your chains stay nice and straight.

Keep your family safe and use these cleats to fix your chain to the wall when installing.

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Select your Bottom Rail

Select your Bottom Rail - ISB Silent Bottom Rail

Noise cancelling bottom rail

Choose from: Anodised, Pure White or Black 

This specifically designed bottom rail will eliminate the noise from banging blinds bumping against window frames commonly caused by the breeze through open windows or heating & cooling systems.

Cleverly designed with shock absorbent barriers, the structural design and generous weight of the extrusion achieves optimal performance on all sizes of roller blinds, so you can be assured of a great nights sleep!

Subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front ensures your blinds will look effortlessly stylish.

All our Bottom Rails come with matching endcaps.

Select your Bottom Rail - D30 Bottom Rail

D30 bottom rails by Acmeda.  Subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front ensures your blinds will look effortlessly stylish.

Choose from: Anodised, Pure White or Black 

All our Bottom Rails come with matching endcaps.

Roller Blind inner tubes

Each of our roller blinds is made with the finest components for long-lasting quality. 

Depending on the size of your blind, your blind will be made with a light, medium or heavy inner tube.  

Engineered and designed by Rollease Acmeda, these aluminium tubes will ensure that your blinds won't bow, sag or bend in the middle.

Michael's tips

  • Always use a steel tape measurer for accuracy - make sure the tape measure is straight and tight when you take your measurements.  
  • Always measure in millimetres (mm). 
  • Remember you can be 1 mm short, but you can't be 1 mm too long.
  • From the front door, turn left. This becomes window 1 and then work clockwise. Repeat upstairs if required. Add your room name to each of your blinds as you order them.
  • Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height.
  • Measure at the top of the window frame where the blind is to be installed.  This is where your brackets will be placed.
  • Do not take any deductions (iseekblinds will do this for you)
  • In your open living areas, always try to fit your blinds inside the window frame.  You will require a window recess depth of at least 60 mm.
  • In bedrooms, inside mount your sunscreen blind and outside mount your block out blind.  This will provide you with maximum privacy and room darkening.
  • If you’re mounting a single-blind on the outside of your window frame, consider finishing off your look with a Pelmet 95.  Not only will it look great, it will hide the tube, whilst stopping dust from collecting on top of the blind. 
  • All blinds over 1800 mm wide should be ordered with a spring assist.  This will ensure your blinds glide smoothly up and down with minimal effort and will limit wear & tear on the components.
  • If you live near the coast, order your blinds with stainless steel chains.


The measurements provided by you will be taken as the outside edge of the roller blind bracket to the outside edge of the roller blind bracket - not the fabric width.

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