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Motors - Programming your Remote Control

How to Program your Remote - Video #1

Now that your Roller blinds have been installed, watch this short video as Michael takes you through the few simple steps required to start programming your remote. Learn how to pair your remote to the blind motor, check and reset the roll direction and set the up and down limits for your roller blinds using the 15 channel remote.

How to adjust your limits - Video #2

Michael explains how to make changes to your upper or lower limits using the 15 channel remote.

How to program for multiple blinds - Video #3

Michael explains how to program your 15 channel remote to control multiple blinds in the one room. Learn how to group your blinds, set channels for daily use and harness the power of channel '0'.

How to program for Multiple Blinds - Video #4

In this video Michael demonstrates how to program multiple blinds demonstrating with 8 x double roller blinds in a linked layout 1, including corner windows and a sliding door!

Handy Hints

Use an additional remote to assist in programing multiple blinds

If programing for a large number of blinds it is advantageous to purchase more than one multi channel remote

The motors can 'listen' to more than one remote.  They can also 'listen' to more than one channel.

Use the 'spare' remote to program each blind individually so that you have independent control. Use the 'Master' remote to organise your blinds into groups.  Use the 'Master' remote for your everyday use.

Map out a plan for grouping your blinds

Before you start programming it is helful to map out a plan to determine which blinds you want grouped together for the 'Master' remote.  Note down which channel you have assigned each blind to on the 'spare' remote.  

Grouping suggestions for the 'Master' remote:

  • Channel '0' will automatically control all  blinds
  • Program Channel 1 for all your Blockouts
  • Program Channel 2 for all your Sunscreens
  • Program both the blockout and the sunscreen on the one channel over the sliding door
  • Work out how you would like to group or individually operate the remaining blinds based on how the room is used during the day.   

Setting the down limits

Use the cardboard box from your remote control to set your down limits for level continuity around the room.  Simply place it on the floor and set the down limit for the blind when it touches the box.


Attaching the remote casing to the wall

1. Remove the plate to reveal the screw holes.  

2. Using the appropriate screws for your wall, attach the casing in a handy central place

3. Replace the plate

4. Place your 'Master' remote on the casing for easy everyday access

Programming instructions 

Should you wish additional information, each remote comes with an instruction manual.

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