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Roller Blind Motors

Automate your blinds Video series

Video 1 - Motor Program - An Overview

In this video, Michael gives an overview of the iseekblinds 12 volt, wire free roller blind motors program.  To ensure everyone can easily DIY plan, measure, install and program their roller blind motors, Michael has done a series of short videos guaranteed to get you up to speed.  1 2 volt, wire-free and rechargeable means no electrician required!  The motors fit neatly into the end of the roller tube and installation is a breeze. With easy to program remotes and a 5 year warranty, why wouldn't you upgrade to luxury? So sit back, grab your self a drink and watch as Michael explains all there is to know about how easy it is to automate your roller blinds.

Video 2 - Pre-planning for your Remotes and Channels

Michael explains the importance of planning a ‘mud map’ of your house and shows you how to work out the number of remote controls required.  This is the 'measure twice & cut once' video.  Things will now start to make sense.         

Video 3 - Smart Home Automation update as at 01/04/18

The Automate Pulse is now available for sale!  Michael takes you through a brief overview of the just released Automate Pulse Wifi Hub and the corresponding App to enable you to control your blinds from anywhere using your smart phone.  Also he gives you a glipse of Alexa in action.  

Click here for the Automate Pulse Wifi Hub Quick Start Guide    Search "Automate Pulse" in your App store to download the App

Video 3.1 - In home connectivity now live! - First is Alexa

Michael gives an overview on the next stage in automation! In home connectivity with Alexa.  Your automate blinds just got smarter. Amazon Alexa works with Automate Pulse to take control of your blinds with your voice!  All you need is the Automate Pulse Wifi hub, then add "Automate Shades Skill" to your Amazon Alexa.  This allows you to control individual or groups of blinds with precision using voice contol!  Next release Google Home coming soon.....

Click here to download the Alexa Quick Start Guide

Video 4 - How to install a Roller Blind with a Motor

Michael explains what to look out for when installing your roller blinds with Motors. Some handy hints guaranteed to ensure a smooth install.

Video 5 - How to pair your motors and program your remote controls

Let the fun begin!  Michael shows you how to get started by pairing your remote control to each individual blind motor, how to check and reset the roll direction and how to set the up and down limits. Learn how to group your blinds and set channels for daily use using the 15 channel remote.  Easily explained, get through this video and you'll be home and hosed.   

Video 6 - How to lock your remote control

Michael shows you an easy way to lock your remote control once you have set up all your channels.  This will ensure your settings remain unchanged.

Video 7 - Adjusting your up and down limits

Michael shows you how to easily adjust your blind limits if required once the fabric has settled.  This is also a great way to align any blinds sitting side by side.

Video 8 - How to adjust the speed

Get greater mileage from your battery life and make your motors quieter.  Michael shows you how to increase or decrease the motor speed of your roller blinds.

Video 9 -  How to add or delete blinds from remote control channels

Michael demonstrates how to add or delete individual blinds on the 15 channel remote control.

Video 10 - How to complete a factory reset

Michael explains what to do when things have gone completely pear shaped.  A factory reset is your answer.  Wipe the motor clean and start again.  

Video 11 - How to recharge your blind motors

Michael takes you through the simple steps involved in recharging your motorised blinds

Video 12 - Why motors cannot be retro fitted

Michael explains why it is not possible to purchase roller blind motors separately and retro fit them to your existing blinds.

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HUGE Savings - for a limited time only!

Motor 1.1 Nm   Widths up to 1830 mm                $199            SALE PRICE - $136
Motor 2.0 Nm   Widths 1831 mm - 2699 mm       $245            SALE PRICE - $159
Motor 3.0 Nm   Widths 2700 mm - 3000 mm       $289            SALE PRICE - $199 

15 channel remotes                                             $75              SALE PRICE - $59

* Please note - Sale prices are not available for individual items

Handy Hint:  Programming you Motors is so much easier if you have 2 Remotes!  At these prices you can afford it!

Li-ion Arc Motors

  • 1.1 Nm Motor $199  
  •       For blinds 535 mm up to 1830mm in width
  • 2.0 Nm Motor $245    
  •       For blinds 1831 mm - 2699 mm in width
  • 3.0 Nm Motor $289  
  •       For blinds 2700mm - 3000mm in width

Our AUTOMATE Li-ion Arc motors come with a wire free solution, eliminating the need for any expensive electrical wiring.

  • Quite operation
  • Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery - long lasting performance
  • Easily set limits and adjust as required
  • Levelling control - Achieve precise positioning of multiple blinds in perfect alignment 
  • Set a favourite position for your blinds
  • Adjustable speed - 3 operational speed settings


5 years full replacement Warranty included

How to Order

Single Roller Blinds: The motor size will automatically be selected for you as you proceed through the order process based on your overall width.  

Linking Blinds:  The motor size will automatically be selected for you as you proceed through the order process based on the individual or combined widths of your blinds per layout selected.   As the same size motor must be used within a specific layout, the largest motor will determine the size of all motors used for that particular layout.  

Automate Pulse Wifi Hub

Automate PULSE | Wifi Hub - NEW

Just released!!

Whether you are at home or away, Automate PULSE allows you to accurately control your blinds via the animated interface on your smartphone.

Bi-directional communication allows you to visualise the exact positioning of your blinds whilst allowing to check the battery health of your wirefree motors

Create rooms, set timers & scenes for optimum comfort and allow Automate PULSE to take control.  Control up to 5 separate locations.

Seamlessly integrate with the popular smart home automation systems such as Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and Control 4.

Automate Pulse Wifi Hub App

Automate PULSE | The App - NEW

Just released!!

Automate Pulse is an easy to use interface used to configure and control your motorised blinds.

Use in conjunction with the Automate Pulse Hub 

Download the App

Motor Battery charger

Plug-In Battery Charger  

The built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long lasting for added convenience and hidden within the motor

All Motors are fully charged before they leave our warehouse.  

Depending on the size of the motor, the number of cycles the motors can do before needing to be recharged are:

  • 1.1 Nm Motor - Approx. 240 cycles / 6 months
  • 2.0 Nm Motor  - Approx 350 cycles / 9 months
  • 3.0 Nm Motor - Approx 440 cycles / 12 months

A cycle is defined as a full up and down positioning of the blind.

Battery Charger   $35

Recharge your battery with a simple battery charger (similar to a mobile phone charger) – only 1 required per household as you can move it around the room to charge each blind.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

The built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long lasting for added convenience and hidden within the motor

All Motors are fully charged before they leave our warehouse.  

Solar Panel $89

Efficient and autonomous energy harvesting capability for completely wirefree operation, the Li-ion Solar charging panel provides supplemental power to all Li-ion wirefree motors.

Sleek design allows for unobtrusive placement behind most headrails.  Low light harvesting technology supports power generation in varied conditions.

1 x Solar Panel required per each Motor. 

The Li-ion Arc Battery charge can last up to 6 months if your motor is working one minute every day.

Paradigm 15CH ARC Remote 

15 Channel Remote 

Programming has never been easier!  The 15 channel remote is so simple to program for a single blind or for multiple blinds within a single room.

  • Touch-sensitive functionality
  • Intuitive slide bar
  • Simple programming:
  • Easily pair the motor to your remote
  • Set and adjust limits as required
  • Set individual blinds to each channel
  • Group blinds together for the ultimate in convenience
  • Hide unused channels for easier scolling & selection
  • Comes complete with a magnetic wall mount

Automate Paradigm 15CH ARC Remote   $75  -  SALE price $59 

Single or Multiple blinds can be controlled by the same remote in different zones within the same room.

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