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"How To" Video Gallery - Roman Blinds

DIY made easy! We have created this video gallery to centralise all the information you need to Measure, Order and Install your Roman Blinds. 

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Video Gallery Contents

Roman Blinds - An Overview

How to Install Roman Blinds with a Chain Drive   

How to Measure Roman Blinds

How to Install Roman Blinds with a Motor (12v & 240v) 

Roman Blinds - An Overview

In this video, Michael explains our Roman Blinds program. How we manufacture them, the back batten system we use, the fabric covered bottom rail and the fabrics available - the same fabrics are used for Roller Blinds and Panel Glide Blinds so you can match your blinds throughout the house. He gives an overview of the control options available for Chain Drive or Motor, and how your Roman blinds can be incorporated into your Smart Home automation systems.

How to Measure Roman Blinds

Michael takes you through the simple steps on how to measure your window for Roman Blinds. The width and drop you provide will the be exact measurement your Roman blinds will be made to. Michael explains the Stack height of a Roman blind and how to get the best results.

How to Install Roman Blinds - Chain Drive

Michael takes you through the very easy steps on how to install your Roman Blind with a Chain drive control.

How to Install Roman Blinds with Motors (12v rechargeable battery Motor & 240v Motors)

Michael takes you through the key points when it comes to installing your motorised Roman blinds.  For the 12v rechargeable battery, he shows you the best place to position the battery pack and how to attach the battery to the motor.  And shows you how to recharge the battery.  For the 240v Motor, he explains how to plug it into power.  Michael then gives a demonstration on how to pair your motors to the Remote control, talks about the limits, demonstrates how to adjust them and how to program the motors onto more than one remote control channel for everyday use and grouping blinds.  The remote control & plug-in charger are exactly the same ones used with our Roller Blind & Curtain motors.  This means you can program your Remote with Romans, Roller Blinds and Curtains for full control throughout your home.  All 3 products also work with the Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse wifi hub for Smart Home Automation made easy!

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