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How to measure Roman Blinds - Outside Mount

Roman Blinds are better suited to an outside mount and can make a great feature of your window. 

Consider using a sunscreen blind inside the window frame for daytime privacy and light control.

In this short video below, Michael shows you how to measure your window for Roman Blinds.

To measure a roman blind on the outside of your window frame, measure the width from the edge of the architrave to the edge of the architrave at the top of your window frame, then add approximately 50mm for each side (if space permits) to give you better light control and privacy.

Measure the drop from the top of the architrave to 50mm past the bottom of the architrave for all elevated windows. If your window drops to the floor measure from the top of the architrave to 20 mm above the floor - this will allow your fabric to settle and stretch over time. Measure on the Left hand side, through the centre of the window and at the Right hand side. Take the smallest measurement as your drop.

Roman Blind Stack Height
Stack Height

If you want to raise your roman blind above the window frame to maximise your view the stack height of a roman blind is approximately 300mm. Take this into consideration when measuring your drop.

Choose which side you want your controls - either left or right and confirm you have measured the outside of the frame.

* Please note: iseekblinds will not make any deductions for outside mounted blinds.

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