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We aim to make it as easy as possible, instil confidence in your DIY skills and ensure you get it right. View our “How To Install” videos and utilise our resources, joining the thousands of happy customers who have mastered the simpleand easy DIY steps, achieved a great result and saved money in the process.

In case you can’t have your device nearby to watch the videos whilst installing, we’ve created some written instructions that you can print out and keep with you. These instructions have been written as easy to follow steps, as we want to make your DIY installation as simple and pain free as possible.

How to Install - Wall Mount

Step 1 - Adjust your brackets

You will have received either Standard Brackets or Extension brackets with your wall mounted tracks. You have up to 50mm clearance with the standard bracket and up to 90mm clearance with the extension bracket. Adjust the brackets to the correct position to ensure you can come over the top of an architrave, roller blind or plantation shutter and clear any obstructions that may stop the curtain from hanging freely. Make sure all of your brackets are adjusted to the exact same position.

Step 2 - Find the timber studs

There will be a number of timber studs that run through your wall. Using a stud finder, locate as many of these as possible to fit your brackets into.

Mounting into Plaster

If you need to mount any of your brackets into plaster, use a Hollow Wall Anchor tool for a secure finish. How to use a Hollow Wall Anchor is featured in the " How to Install - Ceiling mount video"

Step 3 - Fix the brackets to the wall

Fix the brackets across the wall where the track is to be placed. Ensure the brackets are spaced evenly. Use a string line to ensure all of your brackets are level across the top and nice and straight.
Consider the stack end and add another bracket here as this is where the full weight of the curtain will be when in the open position.

Step 4 - Present your track to the brackets

Ensure all your bracket cams are in the open position. Present your track to the brackets, and lock the cam in place.
Your track is now fully installed and you are ready to hang your curtain.


How to Install - Ceiling Mount

Step 1 - Fix the brackets onto the track

Make sure the cam lock on the bracket is in the open position. Place the bracket on top of the track and close the cam.
Your bracket is now installed onto the track. Repeat this step for all brackets.
Slide the brackets up and down the track to space them evenly across the track. Add another bracket to the stack end as this is where the full weight of the curtain will be when in the open position.

Step 2 - Fix your track with the brackets attached, to the ceiling

Mounting into Timber

If you are mounting into timber, simply hold the track up to the ceiling in the correct position and screw the brackets straight into the ceiling. (Make sure you use the appropriate screws for timber)
Your track is now installed. Easy!

Mounting into Plaster

Present the track to the ceiling and with a pencil, mark through the bracket holes where your screw holes are going to be.
Get your drill and drill an 8mm hole where you have placed your marks.
Using a Hollow Wall Anchor tool, insert the hollow wall anchors into the 8mm holes you have just drilled.
Re present your track to the ceiling. Then simply take the hollow wall anchor screw and screw this through the bracket into the hollow wall anchor in the ceiling.
This will give you a really secure fixing.
Done! Your track is installed and you are now ready to hang your curtain.
To learn how the Hollow Wall anchor works, click here to view the How to Install - Ceiling mount video


How to Hang your Curtain - S-Fold Heading

Step 1 - Fit the Wand(s)

With a pair of long nose pliers, open up the hook at the top of the wand. The track will have a wand runner inserted as the second runner from the control side. It's a little piece with a metal loop. Simply insert the hook of the wand into the metal loop and your wand is now installed.

Step 2 - Insert the hooks into the curtain heading tape

With your S-fold curtains, you will receive a packet of white plastic curtain hooks. These need to be inserted into the curtain heading tape, which is attached to the top of your curtain.
If you have some gloves, put these on now so that you don't get any dirty marks on your curtain.
The curtain heading tape contains little box pockets. Place the first hook into the 3rd pocket (there will be half a pocket,1 pocket, 2 pockets). The 3rd pocket will be marked with a grey dot. Insert the hook and turn it around.
Leave 5 pockets empty and then insert the 2nd hook. Each one of these pockets will be marked with a grey dot. Repeat this step until you have filled all the marked pockets.
You will see at the end that there should be exactly the same spacing as at the start with 2 and 1/2 empty pockets.

Step 3 - Hanging the Curtain

Place the weight of the curtain over your shoulder ensuring the hooks are at the front.
Evenly space out all the runners across the width of the track.
Clip the first hook into the first runner. Repeat this step until all of the hooks are inserted into the runners. The number of runners will match exactly to the number of hooks, so it's really important that you don't miss one, otherwise, you will need to start all over again.
Release the curtain from your shoulder and let it hang. Adjust the heading tape so you have the back, front, back, front S-fold shape. Both ends should return back to the wall.
Your curtain is now fully installed.



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