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How to Measure - Venetian Blinds

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Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 450 mm

Minimum drop: 600 mm

Maximum width: 2400 mm

Maximum drop: 2400 mm

Getting Started

Venetian Check Measure Work Sheets

Before you start measuring, print off our Venetian Blind Check Measure Worksheet to record your measurements.

These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to order your Safelift Cordless Venetians.  When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form.  Easy!

Download your Check Measure Worksheets for Safelift Cordless Venetians

How to Measure


Our Safelift Cordless Venetians are a fantastic and affordable alternative to Plantation Shutters, offering the classic style of a wooden blind for a fraction of the price.  Made from PVC, they are moisture resistant and perfect for 'wet' areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.  This also makes them super easy to keep clean.

Blind Controls

Cordless lifting mechanism with Wand tilting control.


Available in the most popular colour - Polar White 

Slat SizeMaterial

50 mm Slats


50 mm high profile steel headrail


Standard Harbour Bridge pelmet.   

Bottom Rail


Stack Height

Stack Height Guide

The stack height of your Venetian when raised is important to consider for Outside mounted doorways.

Drop of Blind (mm)

800  1200 1600 2000 2400

Stack Height (mm)

140 170 200 230 260

How to Measure - Inside Mount

When measuring for an inside mount, make sure that you have at least 50 mm clearance inside your window recess to ensure your Venetian will go up and down without any obstruction.


Measure the hard width across the top, middle and bottom of the window recess.


Measure the hard drop from the left, centre, and right of the window recess.

Write down the smallest width and drop measurement

Ensure you look for any knobs, handles, winders or the inner window frame that may obstruct the blind. If you have any obstructions you will need to mount your blind to the outside of your window frame.

Choose which side you would like your Wand control – Left or Right

IMPORTANT: Do not take any deductions, iseekblinds will do this for you.

How to Measure - Outside Mount


At the top of the window, measure from the outside edge of the architrave to the outside edge of the architrave

This is where your brackets are to be mounted.

Take the actual measurement.


Measure from the top outside edge of the architrave to the bottom outside edge of the architrave.

This measurement may be increased if you want your blind to drop past the bottom of your window frame or to the floor.

Take the actual measurement

Choose which side you would like your Wand control – Left or Right

*Please note: iseekblinds will not make any deductions for Outside Mounted Blinds


How to Measure - Corner Windows

If you have a corner window where the blinds need to meet for maximum privacy, measure one blind as a through blind and one blind as a butt blind.

When measuring the butt blind you need to deduct 80 mm off the measurement.

Keep your Venetians beautiful

Regular cleaning of your Venetians will minimise dust build up.  

How to clean your Venetians:

Extend your blinds all the way.

Tilt the slats up and dust lightly with a cloth or duster.

Tilt the slats down and dust the other side lightly with a cloth or duster

To avoid damage, don't exert too much pressure

A vacuum cleaner may also be used.  Test a small area of the blinds before you start to ensure the suction is not too great, as some vacuums may damage the slats. 

Place the soft brush attachment on the hose and run very lightly over the slats first in their up position and then in their down position.  

For individual stains on any given slat, spray with non-abrasive cleaner, wait for 1 to 2 minutes and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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