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Sheer Curtains - Technical Specifications

Video 4 - Fabric Widths

Michael describes how the fabric is cut running left to right including the lead weighted bottom to make the drop size. The maximum drop can vary depending upon the fabric range. Michael explains what to do should you require a drop that is greater than the set maximum sizes.

Video 5 - All about S-Fold Tracks

Michael gives an overview of our custom made S-fold tracks including opening options, wand control, stack widths, components, colours, track widths and joiners.

Video 6 - All about Brackets

Michael explains the various bracket options available and mounting positions for your S-Fold tracks.

Click here to go to Video 7 - How to Measure


Depending upon the fabric range selected, please note that the maximum Drop can differ 

When ordering, width & drop measurements must be entered in as mm


Width (mm)   Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 600 mm

Minimum drop: 1000 mm

Maximum width: 12,250 mm

Maximum drop: 2900 mm*

** These ranges can be made to longer drops.  Please email to request a quote for drops longer than 2900mm.


Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 600 mm

Minimum drop: 1000 mm

Maximum width: 12,250 mm

Maximum drop: 2950 mm


Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 600 mm

Minimum drop: 1000 mm

Maximum width: 12,250 mm

Maximum drop: 3100 mm  

S-Fold Track

S-Fold Track

The latest in modern window hardware.  This S-Fold tracking creates a supremely finished appearance and also has a tighter stack back than regular drapery headings, making better use of your light and view.  

When an S-Fold curtain is in the open position, the stack is approximately 1/3 of the total width of the track. 

Track colours: White, Black, Silver

All brackets are colour matched to the S-Fold track

Top fix Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains in Chios Mist, Top fix, S-fold tracking

Mount Type & Brackets

Top Fix = Ceiling mount

Attached to the ceiling, a Top Fix or Ceiling mount bracket will add elegance and height to your room and give you floor to ceiling coverage.  A luxurious finish to your decor.  (See image)

Face Fix = Wall mount

The face fix or Wall mount bracket is attached directly to the top of the architraves or the face of the wall. 

The standard brackets included with your order have the option to extend from 20mm up to 50mm from the back of the bracket to the start of the curtain

There is an extra large bracket available that gives you the option to extend out to 90mm.   

If you are combining your sheer curtains over a blockout roller blind or a plantation shutter, request the extra large bracket in your notes when you order. There is no extra charge for this.

drop effects

Drop Effects

Curtains can be hung in a number of different ways depending on the effect you are looking to create.

'Breaking' gently over the floor - To add a sense of luxury and grandeur, add additional length to your curtain so that it ‘breaks’ gently over the floor.

'Just touching' the floor - The curtain just touches to the floor for a completed look.

Measure the drop from where you want the top of the track to sit to where you want the curtain to finish. It's that simple.

*Don't take any deductions

Curtain Wands

Opening Types & Wand Control 

Centre Opening - Opening from the centre, you will receive 2 wands with your curtains.  Balance the stack back on both sides of the window for an even look.

Left Hand Stack - The curtain opens to the left hand side.  When in the open position the stack sits on the left hand side as you stand looking at the window.

Right Hand Stack - The curtain opens to the right hand side.  When in the open position the stack sits on the right as you stand looking at the window.

Select your wand size:  Clear acrylic wands - 750mm / 1000mm / 1250mm / 1500mm

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