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Sheer Curtains (inc tracks)

Achieve the look you see in high-end decorator magazines and instantly transform your rooms with Sheer and Blockout S-fold curtains. All of our curtains come complete with s-fold tracks.  Choose from 3 different track styles or consider a motorised track for the ultimate in convenience. We use a 75mm S-Fold heading tape to ensure the curtain is well structured, delivering a gentle S-shaped curve that holds its form all the way from the top to the bottom of the curtain.  Your curtains will hang beautifully for an outstanding result.  With numerous interior design options, Sheer curtains are stunning as a stand-alone window décor, offering daytime privacy whilst retaining your view to the outside and delivering an overall softness to the room. Room darkening and Blockout curtains provide the ultimate in light control coupled with excellent insulation benefits and can also absorb sound. Consider a ceiling mount to elongate the height of your room or pair with roller blinds for the ultimate in light control and insulation.  View our "How to" Video Gallery to understand exactly how to measure and install your S-fold sheer curtains - it's so much easier than you think.  By getting your DIY on, you'll be amazed at the savings!  All of our curtains are custom made for a superb quality finish. For super fast results, we manufacture your curtains in just 3 weeks.

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